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REPL Dr. Adv. No. 87 drops (POLYURIAA) 15% Off

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Indication- REPL Dr. Advice No. 87 POLYURIAA is prescribed for the symptoms associated with frequent urination. It may be accompanied by pain or burning and fever while urinating, which mainly indicates UTI infection. Urine is scanty. Tenesmus of the bladder. Emission drop by drop. Kidneys are inactive; Polyuria. Polyurea means increased volume & frequency of urine, loss of minerals and salts, and hyperglycemia polyurea.

Composition- Plumbum Metallicum 6, Alfalfa Q, Causticum 30.

Mode of Action of Individual Ingredients-

  • Plumbum Metallicum 6x: More frequent and more copious emission of wine, high blood sugar.
  • Alfalfa Q: Its pronounced urinary action suggests its clinical use in high blood sugar and phosphaturia.
  • Causticum 30x: More copious emission of urine, Involuntary at the night.

Dosage- 15-25 Drops with 1/4th cup water 3 times daily before meal for 6 months.

मूत्र संस्था पर होने वाली इसकी विशेष क्रिया के कारण उदकमेह तथा मूत्र में फास्फेट आने की हालत में इस औषधि का सफलतापूर्वक व्यवहार किया जाता है। निष्क्रिय वृक्कों के कारण मूत्र त्याग की निरंतर इच्छा, मात्रा में ज्यादा, मूत्र आने पर औषधि से लाभ मिलता है।

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