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REPL Dr Adv No 25 drops. Dry cough , Whooping cough

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Homeopathy medicine for Dry irritative cough, whooping cough, barking cough, larynx irritation.

Indication of REPL Dr Adv No 25 drops cough dray- Dry irritative cough, Like whooping- cough, Cough deep and hoars, Deep hoarse voice, Spasm throat,Hypertrophy of mucous membrane, Larynx irritation, Vocal cord congetion, Barking cough.

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Composition- Aconitum Napellus 6X, Belladonna 6X, Bryonia Alba 3X, Phosphorus 30, Sulphur 6,Calcarea Carbonica 30, Chamomilla 12,Hyocyamus Niger 30.

Mode of Action of Individual Ingredients of REPL Dr Adv No 25 drops cough dray-

  • Aconitum Napellus 6x: Hoarse, dry, croupy cough, worse at mid night.
  • Belladonna 6x: Larynx very painful, high piping voice, moaning at every breath.
  • Bryonia Alba 3x: Cough worse by going into warm room.
  • Phosphorus 30x: Tightness across chest worse lying on left side.
  • Sulphur 6x: Difficult respiration wants windows open.
  • Calcarea Carbonica 30x: Painless hoarseness, suffocating spells.
  • Chamomilla 12x: Hoarseness, rawness of larynx, dry, tickling cough.
  • Hyoscyamus Niger 30x: Dry, spasmodic cough at night, worse lying down.

Dosage- 10 Drops with 1/4th cup water 4 times daily. In chronic condition 4-6 times daily.

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