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REPL Dr. Adv. No. 175 drops (DYSPONE-CIN) 15% Off

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Indication- Dyspnea (shortness of breath), Difficult breathing, Intense tightening in the chest, or feeling of suffocation. Dyspnea, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing heart or lung complications, intense tightening in the chest feeling of suffocation.

Composition- Senega Q, Calcarea Carbonica 6, Apis Mellifica 6, Aspidosperma Q, Arsenicum Album 6, Spongia Tosta Q.

Mode of Action of Individual Ingredients-

  • Senega Q: Short breathing and oppression of chest when going upstairs. Dyspnea especially during rest.
  • Calc Carb 6: Sharp pains in the chest from before backward. Chest very sensitive to touch, percussion, or pressure. Longing for fresh air. 
  • Apis Mel 6: Feels as if he could not draw another breath. Suffocation  
  • Aspidosperma Q: It stimulates the respiratory centers and increases the oxygen in the blood. Want of breath during exertion.    
  • Arsenic A. 6: Unable to lie down; fears suffocation. Air-passages constricted. Wheezing respiration.  
  • Spongia Q:  Respiration short, panting, difficult; feeling of a plug in larynx. Great dryness of all air passages.

Dosage- 10 to 15 drops in 1/4th cup of water 3 times daily.

डायस्पोनिया' (भरी सांस) तथा 'अस्थमा (दमा) में बहुत मामूली फर्क है। दमें में भारी मांग होती है, परन्तु सांस का भारीपन हृदय की धड़कन के कारण भी हो सकता है और बड़ी उम्र के वृद्ध व्यक्तियों को श्वास प्रणाली के पुराने जुकाम आदि (Chronic (Catarrh of air-Passage) के कारण बरसाती मौसम में भी हो सकता है। यह औषधि इस रोग में अति शीघ्र लाभ पहुंचाती है।

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