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Dr. advise Kent Gas Formula for Flatulence, Acidity, Indigestion

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Experience Gentle Relief from flatulence with Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines

Are bloating, discomfort, and excess gas ruining your day? We understand the unease it can bring. Our Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines are thoughtfully crafted to aid your body in releasing stomach acid and digestive enzymes, naturally neutralizing excess gas. With the soothing properties of Pulsatilla, the anti-acidic effects of Robina, and the gas-fighting power of Antimonium crud, you'll find fast and gentle relief from gas-related discomfort.

Why Choose Our Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines?

  1. Targeted Relief: Our medicines are carefully formulated to tackle the root causes of excess gas, ensuring rapid and effective relief from bloating and discomfort.
  1. Natural Approach: We harness the healing power of homeopathy to stimulate your body's own digestive processes, promoting a balanced and natural response to excess gas.
  1. Comprehensive Solution: Whether it's gas pain, sour belching, or issues caused by spicy and fatty foods, our remedies have you covered, offering a holistic approach to digestive comfort.

Benefits of Our Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines:

- Quick Gas Pain Relief: Pulsatilla, a key ingredient, is known for its remarkable ability to alleviate gas pain swiftly, providing comfort when you need it most.

- Sour Belching Support: Robina offers relief from sour belching, even when it feels like you might have sulfur burps, helping to soothe your digestive system.

- Combat Gas-Producing Foods: Antimonium crud helps counteract the effects of spicy and fatty foods that tend to produce excess gas, allowing you to enjoy your meals without worry

Experience the Gentle Power of Homeopathy:

Homeopathy has a rich history of aiding individuals in managing various digestive issues, including excess gas. Our Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines provide a natural and gentle approach to digestive comfort.

Rediscover Digestive Ease Today:

Don't let gas-related discomfort hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Embrace the healing qualities of our Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines and experience the difference for yourself.

Order Your Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines Now and Relish the Relief from Digestive Distress

About Homeopathy Kent Gas Combination

This combination of doctor recomended four 6c potency homeopathic medicines has shown remarkable results as per customer testimonials (refer inset image). Dr Vikram says this combination is very effective for Gas due to indigestion, acidity 

The name 'Kent' is derived from the famous Dr.Kent reportery in Homeopathy. Watch Dr Kirti's You Tube video titled "Kent gas combination! Homeopathic Combination for gas acidity & indigestion??" to know more.

Excess gas or flatulence may be formed either in the upper or lower intestine due to different causes

  1. Excess upper intestinal gas causes -  swallowing more than a usual amount of air, overeating, smoking or chewing gum.
  2. Excess lower intestinal gas causes -  eating too much of certain foods, indigestion of certain foods or by a disruption in the bacteria normally found in the colon.

Excess gas is often a symptom of chronic intestinal conditions, such as diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. Small bowel bacterial overgrowth.

Dr Vikas Sharma says "Although every one has gas, why do some suffer from it more than others? The answer lies either in the biological conditions of their gastrointestinal tract or in their eating habits"

Kent combination has homeopathic remedies that help to expel trapped gas naturally. It offers Carbo Veg that aids release of stomach acid and digestive enzymes to neutralize excesss gas. This intervention is necessary for breakdown of complex carbohydrates found in gas-producing foods and get rid of gas immediately. Pulsatilla helps allievate gas pain quickly. Pulsatilla helps in managing indigestion occurring from eating fatty food and resultant pain in epigastrium worsens after eating. Robinia address sour belching that may be Sulfur burps with rotten smell (Hydrogen sulfide gas). Antim Crud is for people who overeat particularly gas producing spicy and fatty foods, as well as carbonated drinks like soda, beans, certain veggies, and whole grains.

How to make Kent Combination?

Kent Gas Combination of 30 ml - take 7.5 ml of each of the medicines below and make a 30 ml mixture by mixing individual medicines

Dosage: Take 2 to 3 drops of the medicine to be taken in the morning on empty stomach
2 drops in afternoon one hour after lunch, 2 drops in the evening one hour after dinner.

Benefits of individual remedies towards excessive Gas and bloating in stomach

  1. The key indications for using Carbo Veg is gas in the upper abdomen, gas that seems to get worse upon lying down, sour or putrid belching and waterbrash after eating, and complaints of obstructive flatulency (pains around heart, abdomen or anywhere) that are relieved by passing gas. Pulsatilla helps in managing indigestion occurring from eating fatty food and resultant pain in epigastrium worsens after eating. The key indications for using Carbo Veg is gas in the upper abdomen, gas that seems to get worse upon lying down, sour or putrid belching and waterbrash after eating, and complaints of obstructive flatulency (pains around heart, abdomen or anywhere) that are relieved by passing gas.
  2. Pulsatilla for Gas accompanied by burps have a foul smell. A bad taste in the mouth is present, and the abdomen feels full and greatly distended with colic. There appears a sensation as if the abdomen would burst. Gurgling and rolling of flatus is present in the abdomen, and a pulsation may be felt in the pit of the stomach.
  3. Robinia is highly effective to manage complaint of heartburn at night in cases of benign esophageal stricture. Sour belching and sour vomiting may be present with Gas. Robinia is also a top listed medicine to treat cases of GERD.
  4. Antimonium Crudum is a useful medicine for persons who have an excessive appetite and eat food beyond how much their stomach can digest . They suffer from chronic indigestion and gas and have distended abdomen with rumbling. They also have heartburn and nausea. A peculiar finding in them is a thickly coated white tongue. Another complaint that they face is excessive weakness. There is also a tendency to grow fat in persons needing it

Other homeopathy first aid remedies that help in removing gas from stomach instantly - by Dr.Shiv Dua

Dr. says only three first aid remedies are recommended:

Source: book excerpts from Dr.Shiv Dua's 'Homoeopathic self healing guide for beginners' 

  • When the wind is locked up in the upper portion of abdomen causing pain in the chest and difficulty in breathing, eructations, heaviness, fullness and sleepiness and abdomen greatly distended; better passing wind: Carbo vegetabilis 30, four times a day for two days. Reduce the dosage to three times a day from third to sixth day.
  • Gas with slight pain in the abdomen, weight in the stomach after eating, takes more of tea and hence ill effects of tea, belching of bitter fluid gives no relief to gas, hiccoughs and gas is neither coming out from mouth in the form of eructations or passing down from the anus as flatus: China officinalis 30 in the same above manner.
  • Gas due to taking fermented food, cabbage or beans, fullness, burning eructations rise to throat which burns for hours, abdomen js bloated and full: Lycopodium 30, three times a day for three days only,

Note. : Doctor also adds a word of caution, He says 'consult a Homeopath after a week of taking above Medicines when there is no relief'

Kit contents: Dr.Shiv Dua Gas relief first aid Kit contains 3 medicated pills in 2 dram glass vials

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Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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