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SBL Haircolor with Aloevera with goodness of amla & hibiscus

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SBL Hair Color is a henna-based herbal hair colour with the goodness of rich natural Indian herbs like Aloe Vera, Amla and Hibiscus. This product is Ammonia-free and provides 100 percent Gray coverage leaving your hair silky and Shiny. It provides nourishment to hair, making them dark, shiny and soft.

Aloe vera is a versatile plant known for its numerous benefits for skin, hair, and overall health. While aloe vera is not a direct hair dye or coloring agent, it can contribute to healthier hair, which can indirectly affect hair colour in several ways:

  1. Moisturizes and Conditions Hair: Aloe vera has excellent moisturizing properties. Dry and damaged hair tends to absorb hair dye unevenly, resulting in uneven or faded colour. Aloe vera can help maintain your hair's natural moisture balance, reducing dryness and improving the overall condition of your hair before colouring.

  2. Scalp Health: Aloe vera can soothe and nourish the scalp. A healthy scalp is crucial for maintaining the vibrancy of hair colour. An irritated or unhealthy scalp can lead to hair problems, including premature hair colour fading.

  3. pH Balance: Aloe vera has a natural pH level that is similar to that of hair. This helps in restoring the hair's pH balance after using hair dyes, which are typically alkaline. A balanced pH can help your hair retain colour for longer.

  4. Hair Growth: Aloe vera contains enzymes that promote hair growth. Healthy hair growth can help maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour as you won't need to colour your roots as frequently.

  5. Reduces Breakage: Strong, healthy hair is less prone to breakage, which can lead to colour fading. Aloe vera can help strengthen hair strands, reducing the risk of breakage.

  6. Natural Shine: Aloe vera can add a natural shine to your hair, enhancing the appearance of your hair colour.

SBL Haircolor Composition:

Henna powder, sodium perborate monohydrate, para-phenylenediamine, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, tartaric acid, sodium lauryl sulphate, amla powder, dry extract of aloe vera, hibiscus powder.

  • Aloe Vera restores shine and lustre
  • Amla improves the colour of hair making it darker
  • Hibiscus provides colour to hair and acts as a mild cleanser

Mode of action of homeopathic ingredients in SBL Hair Color 

  • Henna is well known for promoting healthy hair, it is one of the best natural remedies for hair growth and its anti-fungal properties control the flakes and itching of the scalp.
  • Hibiscus (gudhal in Hindi), is very beneficial for hair. The flower along with its leaves is used to induce hair growth, fight hair fall and cover bald patches
  • Aloevera is used to address issues such as excessive frizz, hair loss or thinning,  dryness or oiliness, as well as scalp conditions. Aloe vera juice contains enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties that are known to soothe and moisturize an itchy scalp.

Sensitivity test for SBL Hair color (black)

PPD-containing preparation may cause inflammation of the skin in some cases so a preliminary test should always be carried out to determine whether or not special sensitivity exists. For carrying out the test, cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or upon the forearm. Mix a small quantity of colour powder with 1-2 drops of water. Apply a small quantity of the paste to the areas and allow it to dry. After 24 hours, wash the area gently with soap and water. If no irritation or inflammation is apparent. It may be assumed that no hypersensitivity exists. The test should, however, be carried out before each and every application.

Directions for use : To get the best result sbl hair col, or should be used in a proper mannerfollows- wash hair with shampoo making it oil-free and dry. Mix the color powder of one sachet 8g in 40ml 8 teaspoonful lukewarm water making a fine paste. Apply it immediately using a brush ensuring that it has been applied to the hair evenly. Comb through the hair so as to enable the paste to reach the roots of the hair. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. SBL hair colour provides nourishment and conditioning along with deep rich colour. For external use only


Baksons Sunny Herbal Hair Color with Arnica, Henna, Shikakai

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