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ProBeard is a doctor formulated homeopathic beard growth nourishing oil and acts as a natural beardalizer  This oil is suited for all facial hair types, it helps with your beard, moustache, sideburn, and chin/neck hair density and growth.

Now your complete Beard grooming essentials in one handy kit. The ProBeard Grooming Kit with ProBeard  Oil, Ceonathus Americanus patch beard drops, Beard Brush, Grooming Stainless steel scissors

Know the difference between a regular hair oil vs beard Oil

Regular hair oil and beard oil are similar in some ways, as they both aim to nourish and condition hair. However, there are a few key differences between them:

1. Purpose: Regular hair oil is designed to promote overall hair health, targeting the scalp and hair strands. It helps moisturize the scalp, reduce dryness, and enhance the appearance and texture of hair. On the other hand, beard oil is specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of facial hair. It focuses on moisturizing the skin underneath the beard, softening the beard hair, and addressing issues like itchiness and beardruff (dandruff in the beard).

2. Ingredients: While regular hair oils may contain a variety of oils and ingredients, such as coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil, beard oils often have specific formulations. They typically include carrier oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, or grapeseed oil, which provide moisture and nourishment to both the skin and beard hair. Additionally, beard oils often incorporate essential oils, such as cedarwood, sandalwood, or peppermint, which give them a pleasant fragrance and provide additional benefits like soothing the skin or promoting hair growth.

3. Consistency and Absorption: Beard oils tend to have a lighter consistency compared to regular hair oils. This allows them to penetrate the thicker facial hair and be easily absorbed by the underlying skin. Regular hair oils, on the other hand, may have a slightly heavier consistency, which can be better suited for longer and thicker head hair.

4. Fragrance: While fragrance can be present in both regular hair oils and beard oils, scent plays a more prominent role in beard oils. Beard oils often incorporate essential oils with appealing scents that provide a pleasant aroma to the beard and the skin underneath.

5. Packaging and Marketing: Beard oils are specifically marketed towards individuals with facial hair, acknowledging the unique needs and grooming requirements of beards. They often come in smaller bottles or packaging specifically designed for convenient application to the beard. Regular hair oils, on the other hand, are typically marketed as hair care products for the scalp and may be packaged in larger quantities.

In summary, while regular hair oil and beard oil share some similarities, beard oil is specially formulated for facial hair and the skin beneath the beard. It addresses specific concerns related to beard grooming, such as dryness, itchiness, and beardruff, and often incorporates essential oils for fragrance and additional benefits.

Tip: If you have beard growth problems or cant grow a fuller beard, we have a doctor advised set of homeopathic beard growth medicines for you. This kit shows how to grow beard naturally at home faster

Key Benefits of ProBeard Oil:

  • ProBeard gives a man a stronger and fuller beard. It stimulates ideal beard growth by providing nutrients from 7 herbal sources. The mix of oils penetrates the hair well, coats the hair and moisturizes the skin
  • Controls beard itch and reduces the urge to shave with its unique formulation
  • The combination of Thuja, Cantharis and Jaborandi prevents Beard greying and premature beard hair fall
  • Medicated oil that is free of perfumes or artificial additives, promotes a healthy & ideal growing environment,
  • Completely natural, steroid-free formula that is safe, side effect free.
  • A product from homeomart.com India’s leading online homeopathy brand, a seal of quality, and authenticity.

ProBeard Contains:

  • Thuja Occ
  • Arnica Montana
  • Cantharis
  • Jaborandi
  • Castor
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sesame (Til)

Benefits of Herbal oils in ProBreard 

Castor Oil:  As per dermatologists (like Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj) castor contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which helps in increasing the blood circulation and improves hair growth when massaged onto the cheeks or the scalp . It is thicker, heavier and denser than other oil because of its rich fatty acid content. This is ideal for beard hair which is dry, curly and sometimes knotty. Dr. Hadley King MD , a certified MD in NYC says in Cosmopolitan “it is a natural emollient and ideal ingredient for ulta hydrating conditioners and masks”. Michelle Blaisure, a certified trichologist, also reports “castor oil is not only anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, but it also helps maintain moisture in the skin,”

Coconut Oil : its natural properties promote soft, healthy beards, and keeps the skin underneath your beard moisturized and hydrated. It does wonders on curly hair, and provides essential moisture and locking the hair cuticle to prevent frizz and split ends. It is extremely important that the skin underneath your beard is healthy. It is the foundation upon which your beard grows.

Jaborandi: is also known by the name of Pilocarpus , it is well known to stimulate circulation beneath (subcutaneous, i.e., capillaries carrying blood to follicles) by its exothermic acton. Improving cheek circulation is good way to speed up beard circulation

Til (Sesame): Traditionally known for its therapeutic skin and hair care applications, Sesame oil is a natural emollient, meaning it can help to soften your skin and make the strands of your hair look smoother. It contains fatty acids that is considered healthy with edible foods, also make it good for topically combating dry hair and underneath skin. It is rich in beta carotene, vitamins d, c, e, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Arnica: contains helenalin, a anti-inflammatory agent that has a soothing effect on irritated skin. Topical arnica oil application will help reduce inflammation that causes itching and irritation. It rejuvenate skin, stimulates the hair follicles by improving the blood flow and prevent premature hair fall.

Cantharis: as topical application is known to controls sensitive irritations, control erruptions with burning and itching and leaves a cooling effect on skin

All the above oils are easily absorbed into beard strands and when applied modestly, do not weigh down.

Directions for applying ProBeard Oil:

Take  three to five drops of Probeard oil in the palms of your hands and rub it to evenly spread across your palms. Then massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion. Do this when your beard is moist or damp, but not wet or drenched. Make sure to work it through your entire beard using your fingers. If your beard is long or thick, use a wide tooth comb to make sure the beard oil gets evenly distributed

How Should you use Probeard  Beard Oil everyday forbest results?

You should apply Probeard beard Oil daily in the morning after washing your face. If you live in a dry climate zone like India, you should consider applying a few more drops of Probeard Beard Oil later in the day or before bed. Additionally, we recommend beginning to use Beard Oil as soon as you start growing your beard. For best results and really enjoy the benefits of Probeard beard oil, you must apply it at least 2 times a day (morning and evening) for a minimum of 3 weeks

To know more about Beard Oil essentials & Tips for good beard grooming read our blog article here

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