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Haslab LaxYALO Anti Constipation Tablets

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Haslab LaxYALO Anti Constipation Tabletsis useful in case where no desire for stool at all for days, Useful in traveler constipation, Useful in constipation which can lead to piles and fissures of anus.


Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory is a GMP certified company, established in the year 1962. Dr. K. B. Rastogi, founder father of HSL, a dedicated homeopathic practitioner. He emphasised on quality and therapeutic efficacy of the products. All the products manufactured at HSL are extensively tested and clinically proven.


Introduction: Homoeopathic Laxative and Colon Cleanser, Tonifier, and Rejuvenative that is Non-Habit Forming from Haslab is a homoeopathic formulation that promotes smooth evacuation of stools without disturbing the body's fluid and electrolyte balance. It facilitates normal bowel movements and bowel regularity mechanism and helps to relieve habitual constipation. It is safe and non-habit forming. Occasional constipation can be caused by a number of factors including diet, hormonal changes, medications and pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water and including fruits and vegetables in the diet help to maintain normal bowel movements. The use of MEDICINE for promoting healthy regular bowel movements and routine waste elimination has been prevalent for centuries


Indications of Haslab Laxyalo Tablets Relieves occasional constipation, Does not disturb the fluid or electrolyte balance, It is safe and non-habit forming, Promotes regular bowel movements, Promotes healthy peristaltic movement through the digestive tract, Facilitates body's normal removal of waste and toxins.


Mode of Action of individual ingredients in Haslab Laxyalo Tablets

Senna: Senna is a potent cathartic or purgative that is mainly used to cure constipation. The herb works by invigorating muscle contractions in the intestines. Chemical analysis of senna has revealed that the herb contains anthraquinone glycosides such as sennosides, aloe-emodin and rhein, flavones, tartaric acid, beta-sitosterol, mucin, essential oils, resin and tannin. Sennosides present in senna aggravate the lining in the large intestines resulting to peristaltic action or the contraction of the intestinal muscles and eventually leading to exodus of the bowels. In addition, albeit for a short term, senna is also useful in preventing the fluid present along with the ingested food to be soaked up by the large intestine and this helps in keeping the stool soft and subsequently alleviating constipation.

Sulphur: Alimentary canal. - It has no effect on the stomach, and most that is taken is passed out in the faeces unaltered. A certain amount is, in the intestine, converted into hydrogen sulphide and other sulphides. These cause a mild laxative effect, increasing the secretion of intestinal juice, and slightly stimulating the muscular coat, producing soft semi-liquid stools, sometimes accompanied by flatus of hydrogen sulphide, which, if in sufficient quantity, makes sulphur an undesirable laxative.

Phenolphthalein: Laxative effects by stimulating the intestinal mucosa and constricting smooth muscles. Most severe constipation, discharge of hard stools with pain in rectum.


Presentation: 10 Caplets

Dosage 1/2 to 1 Caplet with lukewarm water at bed time or as prescribed by the Physician.
Symptoms Constipation
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Form Tablets
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