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Haslab HC82 Skoocum Complex Tablets for Herpes

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Size Option: 20gm

Haslab Homeopathy HC82 Skoocum Complex Tablets is indicated for herpes, itching, tetters hard blotches on the body. Dryness of skin, irritation all over the body. Very intense itching in vagina and anus. Papular eruptions on face and lips, eruption oozing out thick honey like fluid. Eruptions under the hair. Burning and cracks on the skin.

शरीर पर चकत्ते, दाद, छोटे-छोटे बाजरे से दाने, पिल्ली, पेशाब तथा मलद्वार पर चकत्ता
व खुजली. चर्म एक जाना, दानों में गाढ़ा गोद सा मवाद निकलना जलन।

Haslab HC82 Skoocum Complex Tablets Ingredient & benefits 

Contains: Skoocum Chuck3x, Graphites3x, Petroleum3x.

The combination of Skookum Chuck 3x, Graphites 3x, and Petroleum 3x in homeopathy is sometimes used for managing symptoms associated with skin conditions like herpes. Here's a brief overview of the potential benefits of each component:

  1. Skookum Chuck 3x (also known as Antimonium Crudum or Black Sulphide of Antimony):
   - Skin Irritations: May help in reducing skin irritations and rashes often associated with herpes outbreaks.
   - Moist Lesions: Skookum Chuck is believed to be beneficial in treating moist, oozing lesions, which can occur in herpes.
  1. Graphites 3x:
   - Skin Healing: Traditionally used for skin conditions characterized by dryness and cracking. It may aid in the healing of herpes sores that are dry and scaly.
   - Itching and Pain: May help alleviate itching and pain associated with herpes lesions, especially when they are oozing and sticky.
  1. Petroleum 3x:
   - Skin Protection: Known to be effective for skin that is dry, cracked, and which tends to bleed, Petroleum can offer relief during herpes outbreaks where the skin is compromised.
   - Preventing Infection: By aiding in skin barrier protection, it might reduce the risk of secondary infections in herpes sores.


Presentation: 20gm

Dosage Adults 2 tablets. Children 1 tablet. 3-4 times daily
Symptoms Itching, Dry skin, Cracks, Burns
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (India)
Form Tablets

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