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Haslab HC4 Aletris Complex Tablet for Prolapsus, Hernia

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Size Option: 20gm

Indication of Haslab Homeopathy HC4 (Aletris Complex) Tablets

Haslab HC4 Aletris Complex Tablet is for Debility. Effective in cases of constitutional tissue weakness and weakness of the abdominal and pelvic organs e.g. dropped stomach, dropped and prolapsed womb. Vaginal prolapsus umbilical and inguinal hernia in infants. Also recommended in cases of Metritis.

पेट के अंग कमजोर, पेट लटक जाना, हर्निया, गुप्त अंग बाहर निकलना, गर्भाशय में वर्म

Lathyrism is an acquired disorder of the connective tissue that predisposes to hernia formation. Multiple authors suggest a qualitative or quantitative defect in collagen formation as a common factor in hernia formation. Also as per John Hopkins, Hernia patients with connective tissue disorders, like Marfan syndrome or Loeys-Dietz syndrome, are in a delicate situation, because their tissues tend to be weak, and their bodies typically heal slowly.

Contains: Aletris, Cinchona, Helonias, Hydrastis Can

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab HC 4 (Aletris Complex)

  • Aletris 3x: relaxed condition, especially of the female organism, tired all the time, Uterus seems heavy with pain in right inguinal region. 
  • Cinchona 3x: Frequent emissions, followed by great weakness, Desire too strong even in women. Painful heaviness in pelvis. 
  • Helonias 3x: Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis with great prostration.
  • Hydrastis can 3x: Discharge thick and yellow in males with gleety urine, severe itching in the private parts.

China (cinchona off) for Pain In Umbilical Region From Flatulence (Gas): It is a very useful medicine for managing pain in the umbilical region arising from gas. Abdominal bloating is marked with this. The pain is worse after eating where this medicine is required. The pain gets better by bending double. In some cases the pain gets worse at night time. Its use is also considered when the pain worsens before stool.

Presentation: 20gm

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Dosage 2 tab, 3-4 times daily for prolong use
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Form Tablets

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