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Haslab HC 3 Agnus Castus Complex Tablet (Glands)

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Haslab HC 3 Indications - Lymphatic constitution, "Old Sinners" with impotence & gleet, Premature old-age, repeated Gonorrhoea, Lymphatic Glands Inflammed swollen in the region of Neck, Axilla, inguinal, Agalactia. Relaxed Genitals, Leucorrhoea staining yellow.

असमय बुढ़ापा, बार-बार प्रमेह, ध्वजभंग, स्त्रियों में स्वामी - संग की इच्छा बिल्कुल न होना, दूध न रहना । स्तन में

Indication of Haslab HC 3 (Agnus Cast Complex)

  • Might help in Lack of Sexual Power in Old Sinners, Premature Old Age, Early Ejaculation, Insufficient Milk
  • White discharge in females

Haslab HC 3 Composition - Agnus Castus 3x, Juglans Regia 3x. Phosphorus 3x.

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab HC 3 (Agnus Cast Complex)

Agnus castus 3x: Corresponding mental depression and loss of nervous energy. No erections. Parts cold, relaxed. Desire gone, 

Juglans Regia 3x: Menses early, black with associated skin complaints.

Phosphorus 3x: Lack of power. Irresistible desire; involuntary emissions 

Dose : 2 tab, 3-4 times daily.

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