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Haslab HC-17 Indications - Acute bronchitis with spasms, cough, aching and continuous feeling of nausea. Strong rattling in the chest and wheezing cough, difficult expectoration, danger of suffocation with bluishness.

छाती में श्लेषमा, दम रोक देने वाली खाँसी, श्वास कष्ट, आँख, मुँह नीला, मिचली, खाँसी, खाँसते-खाँसते अकड़जाना, ब्रान्काइटिस

Indication of Haslab HC 17 (Ipecac Complex)

  • Cough, aching and continous feeling of nausea.
  • Strong rattling in the chest
  • Suffocation with bluishness

Composition - Ipecac 3x, Senega 3x, Lactuca 3x.

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab HC 17 (Ipecac Complex)

Ipecac 3x : Constant nausea and vomiting, with pale, twitching of face. Vomits food, bile, blood, mucus. Chest seems full of phlegm, but does not yield to coughing. Suffocative cough.

Senega 3x :  Rattling in chest  Pressure on chest as though lungs, Difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus.

Lactuca 3x : Sense of lightness and tightness affecting whole body, especially chest

Dose : Adult 2 tab., Children 1 tab. 3-4 times daily.


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