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Haslab HC100 Digitalis Complex Tablets for Low Blood Pressure

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Alleviate Heart Palpitations and Anxiety with HC100 Digitalis Tablets

Experience heart-centered wellness with Haslab's HC100 Digitalis Complex Tablets, your natural ally in the fight against heart palpitations and pain. Whether it's the anxiety-driven palpitations, the oppressive breathing, or the acute pain shooting through your heart, HC100 brings you relief with its potent blend of Aconite, Cactus G, and Digitalis. These carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to stabilize your heartbeat, ease your chest pain, and calm your anxieties. With HC100, heart health is not just a possibility; it's a reality. Embrace the power of nature with Haslab's HC100 Digitalis Complex Tablets and give your heart the care it deserves. Take a step towards a calmer, healthier heart today!

Managing Heart Health: Indications for HC100 Tablets

Haslab Homeopathy HC100 Digitalis Complex Tablets is indicated for Palpitation of heart with great anxiety. Shooting pain in the region of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of fainting. Pulse full, stonghand, slow and feeble, tread like with anxiety. Palpitation with slow pulse, irregular and intermittent pulse.

Dull uneasiness in various parts of heart region with sensation of weakness to forearm even at rest, shifting of pain in heart. Heart weak, sitting up in bed has caused fatal syncope, frightful stitches in the region of heart compressed, squeezed by hand. Acute pain, palpitation of heart, day and night palpitation, irregular beats from slightest movement or excitement with deep inspiration, pain in apex of the heart, shooting down to left arm and to ends of fingers. Dyspnoea, enlarged ventricle, endocardial murmur.

हृत्पिपिण्ड की बीमारी, छाती पर लोहे की पत्नी का सा कसाव त्यिपिण्ड कसकर मुदती में दाद लेना कलेजा धड़कना साँस की तकलीफ नाड़ी की गति धीमी, कम होकर चलना, कहीं-कहीं • पर लोप हो जाना। फड़कन कलेजा कापना वक्षस्थल की कमजोरी रक्तचाप का कम होना। 

Contains: Aconite 3x, Cactus G 3x, Digitalis 3x

Aconite 3x:

May help in reducing heart palpitations and anxiety, especially when triggered by shock or fear.

Cactus Grandiflorus (Cactus G) 3x:

Often used in cases of constricted feelings in the heart; may aid in relieving chest pain and pressure.

Digitalis 3x:

Traditionally used for treating various heart conditions, particularly irregular heartbeats and palpitations. It may also help in cases of weak and slow pulse.

Presentation: 20gm

Dosage Adults 2 tablets. 3-4 times daily
Symptoms Palpitation, Dyspnoea, Anxiety
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Form Tablets

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