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Dr.Vashisht Biochemic Calcarea Fluorica 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X

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About Homeopathy Biochemic Calcarea Fluorica

The Biochemic therapy a naturally safe therapy. Biochemistry aids nature in her healing operation by supplying deficient tissue slats in the organism. Dr.Vashisht Calcarea Fluorica is helpful in case of decayed teeth, encysted or bony tumor, piles and fissures, prolapse of uterus, varicose veins and cataract.

Get the complete 12 biochemic cell salt Kit in 30Gms, 100Gms pack

Which symptoms can be relieved by Calcarea Fluorica?

Calcarea Fluorica has an effect on the following spheres of the body:

 Scalp: It helps in cases where the scalp is affected by dryness accompanied by hard deposits. It also helps prevent hair fall by strengthening the hair and helps get rid of skin infections on the scalp. There can be ulcers on the scalp as well which have very hard boundaries.

Eyes: It is said to be of use in Cataract and in cases of cysts, styes and conjunctivitis. These complaints are accompanied by hard and callous eruptions.

Ears: It is of use in ear deposits with hardness. Bones of the ears may also be affected. It is helpful in chronic complaints of the ears. Ear symptoms may be accompanied by difficulty in hearing and ringing in ears.

Respiratory: It is very effective in cases of nasal catarrh especially that which can be due to a severe infection. It appears yellowish green in color. Crusting is also a prominent feature in catarrh. Sore throat with plus of mucous on the tonsils. It is hence of use in cases of Follicular Tonsillitis. It is helpful in complaints of the throat which are better by warm drinks but get worse by cold drinks. Cough brings up thick and tiny lumps of mucus which brings up a yellow expectoration. There is a tickling sensation in the throat which gets worse by lying down. It is also helpful in respiratory complaints along with cardiac troubles.

Mouth: It is an excellent remedy in cases of tooth decay. It is also helps relieve swellings of the mouth such as due to mumps. The tongue appears cracked which may or may not be painful in nature. Teeth seem to be weak in their sockets. There is pain in teeth when any food touches them.

Gastric: It is a remedy of great use in complaints where there is excessive flatulence. Even complaints during pregnancy accompanied by flatulence are greatly relieved by this remedy. It is also of use in vomiting in infants. Vomits are mostly of undigested food products. There may be nausea and stomach upset after eating. Complaints of the stomach in young children who are over burdened by the stress of studies are greatly helped by this remedy. It is hence of use in case of stomach complaints such as indigestion caused by mental fatigue and exhaustion. It also has use in diarrhea and itching in anus. Fissures of the anus are also relieved by this medicine. It is a good homeopathic medicine for piles especially the ones that bleed.

Male Reproductive Organs: It is a useful remedy in case of hydrocele of the testis.  It is also a good remedy for hard swelling of the testis.

Limbs and joints: Calcarea Fluorica is considered as extremely helpful homeopathic medicine for varicose veins. It also has beneficial effect in cases of back pain accompanied by burning. It is also of use in gout like enlargement of the joints. Even knee complaints with chronic inflammation are benefited by this remedy.

Skin: This remedy is of much use in white discoloration of the skin. Skin conditions benefited by this remedy include chapped, cracked, fissured and suppurated skin. It is especially useful for ulcers with yellow discoloration and hard edges.


Calcarea Fluorica


Adults 4 Tablets, Children 2 Tablets, or as directed by the Physician.


30gms & 100 gm

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