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Dr.Bakshi B67 Shingles drops for Herpes Zoster, Herpes Labials

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Size Option: 30ml

Homeopathy B67 Shingles drops from Dr.Bakshi

Dr.Bakshi's homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of shingles.

Herpes zoster commonly known as shingles and also known as zona, is a viral disease characterized by a painfulskin rash with blisters in a limited area on one side of the body, often in a stripe. Shingles occurs when the virus that causes chickenpox starts up again in patient's body. After patient gets better from chickenpox, the virus "sleeps" (is dormant) in patient's nerve roots. In some people, it stays dormant forever. In others, the virus "wakes up" when disease, stress, or aging weakens the immune system.

Ingredients Croton tig. 6x, Mezereum 12x, Nat. mur. 6x, Rhus tox. 4x.

Indications Helps relieve itching vesicles, neuralgia associated with burning and itching, Herpes labialis and Herpes zoster

Dr. Bakshi B drop series of liquid preparations are indicated for healing several diseases while alleviating or mitigating the symptoms of others. This liquid form of medicine absorbs better and acts faster than globule medicine.

Mode of Action of Homeopathic Ingredients in B67

  • Croton tig: Wide and intense action upon skin and mucous surface, causing both irritation and inflammation with formation of vesicles and mucous discharges. Feels hide-bound. Intense itching; but scratching is painful. Pustular eruption, especially on face and genitals. Herpes Zoster; stinging, smarting pains of the eruption.
  • Mezereum- Eruptions ulcerate and form thick scabs under, purulent matter exudes. Patient is very sensitive to cold air. Ulcers itch and burn, surrounded by vesicles, shining and fiery red areola. Herpes Zoster with burning pain.
  • Natrum mur: Herpetic eruption, worse flexure, crusty eruption in bends of limbs, margin of scalp, behind ears.
  • Rhus tox.- Red, swollen; itching intense. Vesicles, Herpes; Urticaria; Pemphigus; Erysipelas;vesicular suppurative forms. Glands swollen. Cellulitis. Burning eczematous eruptions with tendency to scale formation.
Dosage Take 10 drops in some water every half to one hour. Once improvement starts, give 10-15 drops 3-4 times daily.
Size 30ml
Manufacturer Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Form Drops


Complementary Remedies:
Herpes that localize around the chest or trunk: Alternate B67 with B29, %-1-2 hourly 10 drops in some water.
Reduce dosage as improvement sets in. If the associated lymph glands are enlarged give
additionally B6 10-15 drops in some water 1-2 times daily.

For Neuralgia occurring subsequently to Herpes Zoster: Give additionally B29
and B68.
In acute and chronic Eczema: Compare B23.

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