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Dr advise Homeopathy belly fat reduction medicines

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How to lose belly fat (D-E-M way)

If you are looking to lose belly fat naturally, it is possible through a combination of factors opine three homeopathic doctors (whose prescription is outlined below). The rule of thumb they suggest is 'Diet-Exercises-Medicine (DEM)' to cut down on build-up of visceral fat 

A good rule of thumb is that your waist i.e. waist circumference (WC) should be smaller than your hips or hip circumference (HC), no matter your weight or BMI. As per a study University of alabama (UAB) Men should have a waist to hip ratio slightly under a 1.0 - a . 99. Women should have a waist to hip ratio under 1.0 - a . 90 or lower.

As per Journal of Sports Sciences, fat mass of the trunk is an effective predictor for the visceral fat (hidden body fat that envelopes the internal organs) area at the umbilicus level.

Which medicine is best for reducing belly fat? Homeopathy is considered safe, natural and effective to target adipose tissues or belly fat. It targets flabby and fatty constitutions and those presenting symptoms/tendencies like peculiar cravings, excessive sweating etc The medicines target excess fat in the abdomen by correcting metabolism, thyroid dysfunction or hormonal imbalances.

Lipodystrophy and belly fat - Lipodystrophy is a condition that's characterized by a complete or partial loss of and/or abnormal distribution of adipose (fat) tissue in certain areas of your body. This disproportionate fat distribution becomes apparent at the midriff or abdominal level though it can affect other body parts like the legs.

Metabolic syndrome and belly fat - A larger waist size is most strongly tied to metabolic syndrome (syndrome ‘X’). It describes a cluster of conditions namely high blood pressure, impaired fasting glucose, high triglyceride levels, and low HDL cholesterol levels along with abdominal obesity

Hormonal imbalance and belly fat - Dr KS Gopi attributes Belly fat and loss of muscle mass with hormonal disturbance in men and women. He says when your endocrine system is under stress there's an underproduction of certain hormones and an overproduction of others (mainly cortisol). This makes your body store fat for future use, making an increase in belly fat a clue to adrenal fatigue.

Kit 1 - Dr. Naina Belly fat burner homeopathy combo

Dr Naina Bhagat, a homoeopathic doctor refers to 3 medicines to reduce belly fat. Watch her You Tube video titled 'Belly fat/tummy fat/Best Homoeopathic medicines to reduce Belly fat /Bellyfat कम करने कि असरदार दवाई' to know more 

  • Nux Vomica 30. Dr says this medicine corrects the metabolic imbalances due to a sedentary lifestyle, the person suffers indigestion due to inactivity. There may be gas in the abdomen which causes abdominal heaviness and bloating.
  • Garcinia Cambogia drops. The doctor says women go through 3 main phases in puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormonal changes occur during these phases and belly fat may develop as a result of it. She adds that after pregnancy the Uterus size increases and fat deposition occurs around it when it subsides. Dose: 20 drops of Garcinia Cambogia 3 times a day for 6-7 months
  • Phytolacca Berry 3x tablets, 2 tablets thrice a day

Kit contents: 3 units, 2 drops of 30ml each and 1 25Gms tablets (all sealed)

 Kit 2 - Dr Kirti lose belly fat naturally combo

Dr Kirti says a person planning to reduce belly fat has to first stop 'Sugar' completely. He says the body energy levels is met by the food we eat but in persons accumulating body fat, the sugars directly contribute to visceral fat accumulation. He advises a combination of two mother tinctures that works well to reduce abdominal adipose tissue (visceral and subcutaneous) orbelly fat. Watch his You Tube titled 'Ask Ur Dr . episode 50 ! how to reduce belly fat ! Nux vomica अमृत है ?' to know more

  • Phytolacca Berry Q - Dr KS Gopi says Phytolacca berry mother tincture is considered a near specific for obesity.
  • Fucus Vesiculosis Q - Dr Gopi says in fucus thyroid problem is the main reason for weight gain. Thyroid belly shape describe the weight gain and abdominal obesity associated with various thyroid disorders

Dose: 20 drops of each should be added to half a cup of water and taken thrice daily. He says the person has to have a walking or exercise regimen of 20-25 minutes daily for good results

Kit contents: 2 units, 2 drops of 30ml each (all sealed)

Dr Swapnil sagar jain recommends Phytolacca Berry Q, 20 drops thrice daily. Watch his YouTube video '- पेट को कभी बाहर नहीं निकलने देगी । belly fat burn without exercise। obesity। fast weight loss' to know more. He too recommends a balanced diet (free of oily, junk foods) and exercise regimen for good results

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Dr Raj Bellytone tablets for visceral body fat

Homeopathy Obesity, Weight Loss Medicines

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines  

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