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Homeopathy for Fracture Healing: Accelerate Bone Repair with Natural Remedies

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Homeopathic Treatment in Fracture Healing: From Hematoma to Remodeling

Homeopathy aids in all the four stages of repair in a broken bone i.e, inflammatory, reparative, and remodeling stages. Homeopathic remedies for fractures boosts the proliferation (rapid increase) of osteoblast cells (bone forming cells) and helps speed up the bone-healing process.

Fractured bone healing stages are

  1. the formation of hematoma at the break
  2. the formation of a fibrocartilaginous callus, 
  3. the formation of a bony callus, and
  4. remodeling and addition of compact bone

Fracture causes: Blunt trauma (blow), falls and accidents, repeated stress and strains (sports), age related bone weakness

    A homeopathy doctor advises 3 most useful remedies that aids in these stages. Watch Dr Kiti Vikram You Tube video titled" Fracture | Homeopathic medicine for Fracture ?? हड्डियों को जल्दी से जोड़ने की होम्योपैथिक दवा" for more info. He recommends below medicines

    Top Homeopathy Medicines for Different Types of Bone Fractures

    Symphytum Q Mother tincture 20 drops, 3 times a day with half cup of water. It is an excellent remedy for wounds that penetrate to the periosteum and bones. It hastens the healing power of bones and the surrounding tissue. It is of great help in non union of  fractures, irritable stump after amputation, irritable bone at the point of fracture. This  remedy helps in union of fractured bone very efficiently by promoting proliferation of fibroblasts. Fractures where patients complain of pricking type of pain at fractured site can be greatly relieved by this  medicine. Symphytum  can also help in reducing the irritability at the site of fracture Symphytum shows magical relief in fractured and wounded bone Pains as much as for its efficiency in the union of fractured bones says Dr Vikas Sharma. The pains can be of any character but the main presentation is pricking type of pains. Symphytum also helps with the production of callous and treats irritability and pricking pains at the point of the fracture site. It is also a suitable medicine for hairline fractures.

    Dr Reckeweg R55, 10 drops 3 times a day with half cup of water. R55 has a combination of the most effective remedies in homeopathy for wound healing process. It contains

    1. Arnica: Effective for blood clots resulting from fractures, Arnica helps regularize blood circulation and prevent clot formation. It's particularly useful for swelling, pain, and bruising at the fracture site, especially in cases of injuries from falls or blunt force.

    2. Belladonna: Ideal for swelling or inflammation caused by fractures. Belladonna addresses the worsening of swelling in the initial days after an injury and assists the body's healing process.

    3. Calendula: Used for bone contusions (bruises) rather than fractures. Calendula treats the raw, red, and inflamed skin around fractures, including compound fractures where the bone pierces the skin. It also helps prevent gangrene.

    4. Rhus Tox in R55: Addresses cases where a fracture is accompanied by dislocation, helping to manage the associated complications.

    These remedies are tailored to different aspects of bone injury treatment, from managing swelling and pain to aiding in the healing of more complex fractures.

          AT Tab SBL 2 tablets 4 times a day. SBL AT (anti trauma) aids in relief from acute trauma that results from a fracture related incident. There may be psychological and physical distress to the affected person seeing a clearly misshapen limb or joint, sometimes accompanied by broken skin or visible bone. SBL’s AT-Tabs is a first aid medication and can be used as the first line of treatment for any kind of injury including fractures

          Kit Contents: 3 units of sealed medicines, 22ml patent drops (R55), 30ml mother tincture, 25gms tablet


          1. Homeopathy medicines for osteoporosis and other bone diseases
          2. Calcarea Phosphorica (a biochemic salt) is a homeopathy medicine of choice for fractures that are slow to heal. It treats remote fractures and helps hasten the bone repair process in cases where the bone has not joined for a long time. Calcarea Phos provides calcium and phosphate, two elements required for quick union of the bone. It also promotes the formation of callus. 

          Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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