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Doliosis D31Drops with Aloe Soc for Constipation, Bloating

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Size: 30ml

About Doliosis D31 Constipation drops

Doliosis D31 homeopathic liquid complex relieves constipation. Natural, mild laxative to relieve gas, bloating, and insufficient irregular elimination, Where the system is broken down, bowels constipated, muscular weakness, Constipation, with colic and flatulence. Stools hard and dark, with loss appetite, coated tongue, bad taste, and weakness. 

Indications of Doliosis Homoeo D31 -Constipation

  • The sensation of the plug, full sensation; paralyzed feeling. 
  • Constipation, with colic 
  • Burning pains in the rectum, with no desire to pass stool. 
  • Constipation with hard stools 

In Homoeopathy the product Doliosis D31 Constipation helps greatly in relieving constipation.? It is a natural, mild laxative that reduces bloating, gas and insufficient irregular elimination. There are no side effects upon the use of this medicine. This product can be taken with ease and also it can be consumed with other medicines, for all age groups.

D31 Ingredients

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum    8x  0.02 %
  • Fucus Vesiculosus    3x  1.00 %
  • Aloe Socotrina     8x  0.02 %
  • Collinsonia Canadensis    3x  0.50 %
  • Carduus Marianus    3x  1.00 %

Extra Neutral Alcohol     30%V/V


1 to 2 drops a half an hour before eating, Three times a day or as directed by physicians.

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