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Bismuthum Subnitricum Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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About Bismuthum Subnitricum Dilution

Also knowbn as Bismutum Nitricum Basicum.

It has specific mode of action on digestive system especially when there is irritation and inflammation of the mucosal lining of the alimentary canal.

Head: It is indicated when there is headache alternating with pain in the stomach. Neuralgic pain as if torn by pincers which involves face and teeth. Pressure in the right orbit extending up to the right side of the occiput. Headache worse from movement and eating, better by cold.

Mouth: Toothache with swollen gums and white swollen tongue. Toothache relieved by holding cold water in the mouth. Black wedge shaped ulcers on the sides of the tongue with loose teeth and profuse salivation. Sweetish, metallic taste with thirst for cold drinks.

Stomach: It is indicated for pain in the stomach, where the pain extends from stomach through the back. Vomiting with convulsive gagging and pain in the stomach. Vomits all fluids, though the pain gets better from drinking cold water. Pain in the stomach from inflammation, very severe that it makes the person to bend backwards. Weak digestion with foul smelling eructations.

Stool: Painless diarrhea with great thirst and frequent vomiting. Pinching pain in the lower abdomen with rumbling in the intestines.

Extremities: Weakness and prostration from loss of fluids. Cold limbs and cramps in the hands and feet. Tearing pain in the wrist and under the finger nails. Itching erosion of the skin, near tibia and back of the feet.

Other symptoms are also found in:

  1. Mind
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Sleep

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a longer period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice.

Bismuthum Subnitricum Dilution is useful in the treatment of vomiting. It is useful in the treatment of a condition where water is purged out as soon as it reaches the stomach. It also assists in reducing irritation in the stomach and helps treat Gastritis.

Bismuthum Subnitricum therapeutic range of actions as per Boericke Materia Medica

Irritation and catarrhal inflammation of the alimentary canal, is the chief and action of this drug.

Mind.--Solitude is unbearable. Desire for company. Complains about his condition. Anguish. Discontented.

Head.--Headache alternates with gastralgia. Neuralgic pain, as if torn by pincers; involves face and teeth; worse, eating; better, cold; alternate with gastralgia. Cutting or pressure above right orbit extending to occiput. Pressure in occiput; worse, motion; with heaviness.

Mouth.--Gums swollen. Toothache; better, cold water in mouth (Coff). Tongue white. Swollen. Black, gangrenous looking wedges on dorsum and sides of tongue. Profuse salivation, teeth loose. Thirst for cold drinks.

Stomach.--Vomits, with convulsive gagging and pain. Water is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach. Eructation after drinking. Vomits all fluids. Burning; feeling of a load. Will eat for several days; then vomit. Slow digestion, with fetid eructations. Gastralgia; pain from stomach through to spine. Gastritis. Better, cold drinks, but vomiting when stomach becomes full.

Tongue coated white; sweetish, metallic taste. Inexpressible pain in stomach; must bend backwards. Pressure as from a load in one spot, alternating with burning, crampy pain and pyrosis.

Stool.--Painless diarrhœa, with great thirst, and frequent micturition and vomiting. Pinching in lower abdomen, with rumbling.

Respiratory.--Pinching in middle of diaphragm, extending transversely through chest. Angina pectoris; pain around heart, left arm to fingers.

Extremities.--Cramps in hands and feet. Tearing in wrist. Paralytic weakness, especially right arm. Tearing in tips of fingers under nails (Berb). Itching erosion near tibia and back of feet near joints. Cold limbs.

Dose-First to sixth potency.

Bismuthum Subnitricum Homeopathy Dilution  is available in SBL, Schwabe, Others (Homeomart, Hahnemann, Similia, Medisynth). When you choose 'Others' one of the 3 brands medicine will be sent subject to availability of these brands. All sealed units.

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