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Bhargava Wormalin Tablets for all types of worm infestation

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Size Option: 3x30 TAB

Bhargava Wormalin Tablets: Nature's Shield Against Worm Infestations!

🌿 Pure, Potent, Protective: Bhargava Wormalin Tablets harness the power of nature to offer a holistic solution against worm infestations, ensuring your gut remains a sanctuary of health.

🛡️ Comprehensive Defense: From pinworms to tapeworms, Wormalin is your all-in-one defense, expelling all types of intestinal worms and restoring digestive harmony.

🌟 Symptom-Free Living: Beyond just expelling worms, Wormalin alleviates associated symptoms, ensuring you feel your best, inside and out.


🔍 Key Ingredients:

- Santonine 1X: A renowned remedy for expelling roundworms and threadworms.

- Natrum Carbonicum 3X: Supports a healthy digestive system and addresses symptoms associated with worm infestations.

- Filix Mas 1X: Effective against tapeworms, ensuring a worm-free gut.

- Stannum Metallicum 1X: Aids in alleviating abdominal discomfort associated with worm infestations.

- Mercuric Chloride 2X: Provides relief from symptoms of worm infestations, ensuring gut health.

Bhargava Wormalin Tablets: Medical Bulletin

 Bhargava Wormalin Tablets is effective in the treatment of both worm infestation and worm infection with symptoms like:

  • Constipation
  • Colic pain
  • Gastro-enterities
  • Blue rings around eyes due to anaemia
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Worm fever

Bhargava Wormalin Tablets Composition:

  • Santonine 1x 75 mg
  • Natrum carbonicum 3x 100 mg
  • Filix mas 1x 25 mg
  • Stannum metallicum 1x 10 mg
  • Mercuric chloride 2x 75 mg In Sugar of Milk Base

Bhargava Wormalin Tablets  Indications:

It is an effective vermifugal remedy which expels all kinds of intestinal worms: round worms, hook worms, flat worms, thread worms, etc, effective in the treatment of both worm infestation and worm infection with symptoms like Constipation, Colic pain, Gastro-enteritis, Blue rings around eyes due to anaemia and worms.

Dosage Adults: 2 Tablets thrice a day or as directed by the physician. Children: 1 tablet thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Presentation: 3 blisters of 30 tablets each

Doctor Bhargava Wormalin Tablet is a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. It is also effective in the treatment of both worm infestation and worm infection with symptoms like constipation and colic pain. Start taking Homeopathic medicine today and get the best treatment.

Symptoms Worms
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets
Adults Adults
Children Children


संकेतः यह एक प्रभावशाली कृमिनाशक औशधि है जो हर तरह के आंत्रीय कृमि को निकाल बाहर करता है- गोल कृमि, अंकुश कृमि, चपटा कृमि, धागानुमा कृमि, इत्यादि। यह निम्नलिखित रोग लक्षणों वाले कृमि पर्याक्रमण और कृमि संक्रमण के इलाज में प्रभावी है- कब्ज । उदर शूल। जठरांत्र शोथ। रक्ताल्पता के कारण आंखों के आसपास नीला वलय। भूख में कमी या वृद्धि । कीड़ों के कारण बुखार आना।

खुराक बच्चों के लिए- १ गोली, वयस्कों के लिए- २ गोलियाँ, दिन में तीन बार या चिकित्सक के दिशानिर्देशानुसार

पैकिंग- हर ३० गोलियों के ३ ब्लिस्टर पैका


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