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Bach Flower Remedy Mix Star of Bethlehem, Centaury for Bereavement

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Size: 60ml

About Bach Flower Remedy Mix Star of Bethlehem, Centaury for Bereavement

Bereavement is one of the most profound and challenging experiences in life. The journey through grief can be overwhelming, affecting our emotional, mental, and even physical well-being. During these times, finding natural and gentle support can be incredibly comforting. Two powerful homeopathic remedies, Star of Bethlehem and Centaury, offer solace and strength, helping to navigate the path of healing.

Star of Bethlehem: Comforting the Heart and Soul

Star of Bethlehem, derived from the Ornithogalum umbellatum plant, is known as the “comforter of sorrows.” This remedy is particularly effective in addressing shock and trauma, providing gentle relief to those who are grieving. If you or someone you love is struggling with the profound sadness and emotional numbness that often accompany loss, Star of Bethlehem can help soothe and heal.

Benefits of Star of Bethlehem for Bereavement:

  • Easing Shock and Trauma: Star of Bethlehem helps alleviate the immediate shock and emotional trauma of losing a loved one, offering comfort and peace.
  • Promoting Emotional Healing: By gently addressing the deep sorrow and heartache, this remedy supports the natural healing process, helping to restore emotional balance.
  • Providing Comfort: Star of Bethlehem offers a sense of calm and solace, making it easier to cope with the intense emotions of grief.

Centaury: Finding Strength to Move Forward

Centaury, from the Centaurium erythraea plant, is a wonderful remedy for those who may find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of others during their time of grief. If you tend to put others' needs before your own, Centaury can help you assert your boundaries and prioritize your healing. This essence empowers you to find the strength and resilience needed to navigate bereavement.

Benefits of Centaury for Bereavement:

  • Enhancing Self-Care: Centaury encourages you to take care of your own emotional needs, which is crucial during the grieving process.
  • Building Inner Strength: By fostering a sense of self-worth and empowerment, Centaury helps you find the inner strength to move forward.
  • Promoting Emotional Balance: This remedy supports a balanced emotional state, reducing the overwhelm and exhaustion that can come with bereavement.

This bach flower mix helps to:

  • Deal with the shock of the death of a loved one
  • Soothe the grief
  • Reduce anger and aggression
  • Combat dejection
  • Accept the death of the loved one and let go
  • Overcome and prevent possible hallucinations and fears

Key benefits of this mix

  • A unique blend of Bach flowers
  • Gluten and allergen-free

How to prepare the Mix

Mix equal quantity of each remedy (Star of Bethlehem 10ml, Centaury 10ml)


Take 5-6 drops of the mix directly on the tongue or dissolve 5-6 drops of the mix in half cup of water, take 3-4 times a day.

Hint: Trickle your daily dose (24 drops) in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day

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