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Allen Uricacid Drops, Gout relief, Kidney stones

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Allen Uricacid Drops is indicated in Pain in Knees, Ankles, Wrists, and Elbows ⋅ Kidney Stones, Strange Lumps around your Joints ⋅ Pain in the Big Toe

Composition: Each 5ml. contains: Ledum Palustre 3x 0.0150 ml. Colchicum Autumnale 3x 0.0125 ml. Acidum Benzoicum 3x 0.0125 ml. Guaiacum 3x 0.0150 ml. Lithium Carbonicum 6 0.0125 ml. Berberis Vulgaris 1x 0.1000 ml. Lycopodium Clavatum 1x 0.1000 ml. Belladonna 3x 0.0125 ml. Bryonia Alba 3x 0.0150 ml. Rhus Toxicodendron 1x 0.1000 ml. Arnica Montana 3x 0.1050 ml. In Aqua Distilla Base.

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How the ingredients in Allen Uricacid Drops stop excessive buildup for uric acid in body

  • Ledum Palustre: The pains in the joints are the only ones which are worse by movement.
  • Colchicum Autumnale:  Helps in treating painful and swollen joints.
  • Acidum Benzoicum: Joints crack on motion. Tearing with stitches, Pain in tendon Achilles.
  • Guaiacum: Pain in the extremities, tearing and shooting pains with restlessness and sleepless nights. Dr K.S Gopi recommends Guaiacum in treating high uric acid levels. It is more suited in chronic cases where the deformities and contractures set in, intolerance to heat in any form. Rheumatic pain in hands , arms and shoulders. Gouty pains tearing and lancinating , worse from motion , heat , cold wet weather , touch and pressure, . Better by external pressure
  • Lithium Carbonicum:  Headache worse when lying down, it pains everywhere. Trembling and throbbing in head, pains in heart extend to head.
  • Berberis Vulgaris:  Pains in the balls of feet which are aggravated after walking, lameness of legs after walking.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum:  Pain in bones of arms, fingers, joints with difficulty in movement and pain in the palms Itching, dryness of palms with gouty stiffness of fingers.
  • Belladonna:  Highly useful for patients suffering from rheumatic and arthritic pains.
  • Bryonia Alba:  Worse least MOTION but may be restless from severe pains, better rest 
  • Rhus Toxicodendron:  Painful stiffness on rising from a seat; pain in the back as if bruised, sore and lame all over the back.
  • Arnica Montana:  Trembling in the body with jerking of muscles.

Dosage: Take 50 Drops in half cup of water daily 4 times for 4 days. After 4 days, take 30 Drops, 3 times a day. Or as directed by the Physician

 Size: 30 ml 

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