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Allen Alvine Restorative Nervine Tonic

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Size Option: 300ml

Allen Alvine Restorative Nervine Tonic is indicated for general debility, weakness, restlessness, loss of weight, constipation, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, hepatic and digestive disorder, anemia, indigestion, hepatic and digestive disorders, loss of memory, mental and physical energy.

Allen Laboratories Limited is the leading Homoeopathic medicines manufacturing Company in India offering a wide range of world class medicines.Allen uphold the superiority of Homoeopathy through expertise supervision of qualified technical professionals following Hahnemanian method.

Allen Alvine Restorative Nervine Tonic isa stimulating energizer tonic accelerating physical and mental vivacity. Indicated for debility after exhausting diseases.Beneficial for regain and retain youthful health and vigour. For pregnant woman and lactating mothers. Combats convalescence, anemia, malnutrition, sexual weakness, loss of weight and memory. Remedy for hepatic and digestive disorders. Alvine aids in proper functioning of the vital principle of the body.

Allen Alvine (Restorative nervine) ContainsAlfalfa Q, Avena sat Q, Withaniasomnifera Q, Crataegusox.Q, Damiana Q, Nux vom 30,Passiflora inc Q, Anacardium ori 6x, Acid phos 2x, Kali phos 3x, Ferrum phos 3x, Mag phos 3x, Calc. Phos 3x, Natrum mur 3x,Syrup q.s. and Alcohol 12% v/v.

Presentation: 310 ml

Dosage Adults
Symptoms anemia,constipation,sexual weakness,debility
Manufacturer Allen Healthcare Co.Ltd
Form Tonic

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