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Allen A35 Homeopathy Drops, Bronchial Asthma & Spastic Bronchitis

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Size Option: 30ml

Allen A35 Homeopathy Drops:

Allen A35 Asthma Drops is indicated for Bronchial Asthma and Spastic Bronchitis, Broncho Dilator, Asthma with Gastric Troubles.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects the airways in the lungs, causing them to become inflamed and narrow. This inflammation leads to difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. Asthma symptoms can vary in severity from mild to severe and can be triggered by various factors.

Here are some key points about asthma:

  1. Symptoms: Common symptoms of asthma include:

    • Wheezing: A high-pitched whistling sound when breathing, especially during exhalation.
    • Shortness of breath: Difficulty breathing, which can be mild to severe.
    • Coughing: Often worse at night or early morning and can be persistent.
    • Chest tightness: A sensation of pressure or discomfort in the chest.
  2. Causes and Triggers: Asthma symptoms are often triggered by exposure to certain substances or situations, known as triggers. Common triggers include:

    • Allergens: Dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, and cockroach droppings.
    • Respiratory infections: Colds, flu, and other infections can exacerbate asthma symptoms.
    • Irritants: Tobacco smoke, air pollution, strong odors, and fumes.
    • Physical activity: Exercise-induced asthma can cause symptoms during or after physical exertion.
    • Cold air: Breathing in cold air can trigger airway constriction.
    • Strong emotions: Stress, anxiety, and laughter can trigger asthma symptoms in some individuals.
  3. Types of Asthma:

    • Allergic (Extrinsic) Asthma: Triggered by allergens and often associated with a family history of allergies.
    • Non-Allergic (Intrinsic) Asthma: Triggered by factors other than allergens, such as infections, exercise, cold air, and irritants.
    • Occupational Asthma: Triggered by workplace irritants or allergens.
    • Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction (EIB): Exercise-induced symptoms triggered by physical activity.
  4. Diagnosis: Asthma is diagnosed based on medical history, symptoms, physical examination, and lung function tests like spirometry and peak flow measurements.

Note: If you suspect you have asthma or are experiencing symptoms, it's important to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and management. A healthcare professional, often a pulmonologist or allergist, can help you develop an asthma management plan tailored to your specific needs.

Mode of action of homeopathic ingredients in Allen A35 Homeopathy Drops for Asthma

  • Belladonna: Larynx very painful, feels as if a foreign body in it. Sensation as if larynx was inflamed, swollen, constricted. Pain in larynx and threatened suffocation.
  • Bryonia alba: Dropsically effusions into the serous and synovial membrane, resulting in pleurisy. Pleurisy expectoration rusty, blood streaked. Cough dry, hard, very painful, Colds travel downwards to chest.
  • Eriodictyon californicum: Wheezing; Asthma, with coryza and mucous secretions. Asthma relieved by expectoration.
  • Arsenicum album: Asthma worse at midnight. Burning in the chest. Expectoration is scanty and frothy. Wheezing respiration.
  • Veratrum viride: Congestion of lungs, with rapid onset; anxiety; rapid hard strong quick pulse, with faint feeling in stomach; slow intermittent pulse and high fever.
  • Kali phosphoricum: Yellowish thin discharge, burning coarse rattling in chest. Nervous asthma.
  • Natrum muriaticum: Shortness of breath ongoing upstairs.
  • Drosera rotundifolia: Paroxysms of cough following each other very rapidly, with
  • bleeding from nose and retching, deep hoarse voice. Asthma when talking.
  • Stramonium: Suffocation when water is poured on head. Nervous, spasmodic asthma. Cough-barking, deep, loud.

Additional Information:

Dosage Take 8 to 10 Drops of Allen A35 Asthma Drops in half cup of water daily 3 times before meals . Or as directed by the Physician.
Symptoms Asthma
Manufacturer Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd.Hyderabad
Form Drops


Side effects: No side effects of Allen A35 Asthma Drops are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Allen A35 Asthma Drops are known. Further products do not interfere with any other medication.

Presentation: 30ml

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