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Agom Tailark - Herbal Oil for Wounds, Cuts, Sprains, Muscle pain

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Size: 30ml

Unlock the Healing Secrets of Nature - Agom Tailark Herbal Oil brings ancient Ayurvedic wisdom right to your doorstep, offering a natural, effective remedy for cuts, wounds, and more. Keep it handy for immediate relief and ongoing health maintenance

Experience Natural Healing with Agom Tailark Herbal Oil

Agom Tailark is a versatile Ayurvedic herbal oil, meticulously formulated to address a variety of skin and musculoskeletal issues. Its therapeutic properties make it particularly effective for treating cuts, wounds, bleeding, corns, and inflamed piles.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  1. Bhallatak (Semicarpus anacardium) 3X-1.25%: Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Bhallatak is effective in reducing pain and swelling associated with cuts and wounds. It also helps in the management of piles by reducing inflammation.

  2. Tumba (Leucas cephalotes) 3X-1.25%: Tumba is revered in Ayurveda for its antiseptic and healing properties, making it invaluable for treating wounds and preventing infections. It also offers relief in cases of skin irritations and corns.

Preparation and Application:

Agom Tailark is concentrated and should be thoroughly mixed with 100 ml of a suitable base oil. It is recommended to shake the mixture vigorously for 5 minutes to ensure proper integration of the herbal extracts. This preparation is particularly effective in managing Vata Vikar, a condition described in Ayurveda as a disturbance of the air element in the body, which can manifest as various neurological and musculoskeletal issues.

Dosage and Application Methods:

  • For Musculoskeletal Issues: Apply the oil on areas affected by sprains, cramps, numbness, or backache. Massaging the oil over the spine can also provide relief from excessive body heat and general discomfort.
  • For Oedema: Apply a cotton pad soaked in Tailark oil on the swollen area or massage gently to alleviate the swelling.
  • For Blunt Injuries and Burns: Gently apply the oil on affected areas to soothe contusions, sprains, burns, wounds, and abscesses, reducing pain and promoting healing.
  • For Otorrhoea: After thoroughly cleaning the ear, oil prepared with a castor oil base can be administered to treat this condition.
  • For Bleeding Wounds: To instantly arrest bleeding, apply an oil-soaked swab directly on the wound.
  • For Inflamed Piles: Place an oil-soaked swab in the anal canal and apply externally. This application not only relieves symptoms but also facilitates the natural removal of the swab during defecation.

Agom Tailark is a comprehensive herbal remedy that should be readily available in every household for its multifaceted therapeutic effects. Its natural formulation is safe for use alongside other medications and treatments, enhancing its usability in diverse medical scenarios.

About AGOM

Formulated by Vd. S. G. Mahajan of Agom Aushadhalaya Pvt Ltd Kolthare, a pioneer of micro medicines. Each of the existing pathy's had one or the other drawbacks. The thought of bringing in a different trait in medicine, which would be simple, easy and moreover without any side effects prevailed in his mind. While studying different pathy's came across Dr. Kulkarni’s Electro Homoeopathy and learned that these medicines are purely herbal and harmless. Dr. Ghosh's Book ‘Drugs of Hindustan’ directed the efforts towards the goal. 

Agom medicines are harmless, absolutely free of complications and without any reactions or side- effects and are very easy to administer. The properties of herbal decoctions remain unaltered for about a year, but the properties of Matras for year together. These medicines are nothing but modern matras.

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