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Agom Shama Gutika Tailark Combo Herbal medicine for acidity, burning pain

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Size: 30ml Oil & 25gm Pills

Agom Shama for Acidity, Burning pain

Agom Shama Tailark is a Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity and Burning pain in stomach. It is also useful Doshi fever, kadki, Measles, chickenpox, Jaundice, pitta-vikar, Jerrnajwar and Urine Troubles.

Formulated by Vd. S. G. Mahajan, a pioneer of micro medicines. Each of the existing pathy's had one or the other drawbacks. The thought of bringing in a different trait in medicine, which would be simple, easy and moreover without any side effects prevailed in his mind. While studying different pathy's came across Dr. Kulkarni’s Electro Homoeopathy and learned that these medicines are purely herbal and harmless. Dr. Ghosh's Book ‘Drugs of Hindustan’ directed the efforts towards the goal. 

These pills are prepared from Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia) 3X-1.66%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-1.66%; Umbar (Ficus glomarata) 3X-1.66%. It gives excellent results in conditions like burning micturition (Kadaki), Pitta Vikar (acidity), Urinary problems etc. In above symptoms 4 pills 4 times a day with water is the usual dosage. In hyper acidity 4 pills of Agom 15 mins before and 4 pills of Pachansudha after meals are to be given in addition. In Urticaria, Itching, Headache, additional dose of 2 pills of Ramban is to be given. In hyper acidity induced vomiting Gutika Shama should be given along with Pachansudha.


4 pills in the morning with water should be taken in summer, by those who suffer heat – sunstroke. The day will be spared. In case of late night 4 pills with water before sleeping and after awaking keeps away the after effects. Use of Shama oil along with the Gutika is necessary. Dribbling of urine or burning of urine, take continuously Gutiks Shama Ramban with water.


  • Swallow the pills with water.
  • For infants, pills should be dissolved in water or milk.
  • In chronic conditions 4 pills to be dissolved in 1/4 lit. of water & taken in small amount 4-5 times a day.
  • Intake of water should be more during the course of medicine.
  • Medicine usually to be taken in small doses except Mahilamrit Gutika. But in acute & painful conditions, pills should be consumed in large more frequently (it is harmless). Usually in adults 4-6 pills a day are sufficient.
  • Medicines should be stopped in tapering order after recovery. In acute and painful conditions ‘Tailark’ is essential with Gutika Kaphana, Shama, Chapala & Mahilamrut.

Agom Shama Tailark

This extract is made from from Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia) 3X-0.83%; Maka (Eclipta alba) 3X-0.83%; Umbar (Ficus glomarata) 3X-0.83%. Whole quantity should be shaked and mixed in 100 ml. of oil and shaked vigorously for five minutes. External use of this oil is necessary along with Gutika Shama giving immediate results. Cotton gauge soaked in this oil should be kept on the forehead in fever.


In headache due to Pitta, oil should be applied to forehead and entire head. In case of Urinary problems like anuria, dribbling of urine, oil should be applied to the abdomen and the flanks along with Gutika Shama.

Before using oil, shake it vigorously. It should be used in a high concentration according to the intensity of the condition.Use it as per the indications and externally only. Don’t mix any two oils but Oil Subala can be mixed with Oil Balwardhini or Agom. The Oil should be applied gently and should not be massaged; fomentation is not necessary. Since all the controlling centers are situated at the spinal cord,Tailark Kaphana, Shama, Agom, Chapala Mahilamrut should be applied on the vertebral column along with the affected parts.

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