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Agom Gavambu Gutika: Natural Gomutra Pills for Holistic Health

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Size: 25gm

Embrace Nature’s Essence for a Healthier You with Agom Gavambu Gutika - Dive into the richness of traditional Indian medicine with Agom Gavambu Gutika, where each pill is a step towards holistic health and vitality. From nurturing heart health to fortifying mental wellness, detoxifying your liver, and purifying your blood, these Gomutra pills encapsulate nature's healing touch in every dose. Join the movement towards natural well-being; let Agom Gavambu Gutika guide you to a balanced, healthier life

Agom Gavambu Gutika - Harnessing the Ancient Wisdom of Gomutra

Agom Gavambu Gutika Gomutra pills embody a holistic approach to health, drawing on the profound wisdom of traditional Indian medicine. Formulated with the pure essence of Gomutra (Cow’s urine), these pills serve as a potent remedy for a wide spectrum of ailments, reflecting the vision of Vd. S. G. Mahajan. His pioneering work in micro medicines sought to create a therapeutic option that is not only effective but also devoid of side effects, leveraging the herbal legacy of Dr. Kulkarni’s Electro Homoeopathy and insights from Dr. Ghosh's "Drugs of Hindustan."

About Cow urine therapy

Cow urine therapy, an integral part of traditional Indian medicine, has garnered attention for its therapeutic value across a spectrum of diseases. Drawing insights from the article "Cow Urine - Therapeutic Value" published in the International Journal of Livestock Research and supported by extensive research including studies cited on NCBI, cow urine (Go-mutra) is recognized for its panacea-like qualities.

Key Benefits of Cow Urine Therapy:

  • Holistic Treatment: Cow urine is celebrated for its ability to treat a wide array of diseases including heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, skin disorders, constipation, and AIDS.

  • Nutrient Rich: It contains essential elements mirroring those in the human body, aiding in maintaining bodily balance and health restoration.

  • Detoxification: Acts as a powerful detoxifying agent, purifying the liver, cleansing the blood, and removing toxins and heavy metals from the body.

  • Immune System Support: Its high antioxidant content combats free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and bolstering the body's defense mechanisms against infections and diseases.

  • Anticancer Properties: Cow urine has been identified to possess anti-cancer properties, with the potential to repair damaged DNA, protect against chromosomal aberrations, and support lymphocyte survival.

  • Antimicrobial and Antifungal Properties: Exhibits significant antimicrobial and antifungal activities, offering a natural alternative to combat bacterial and fungal infections.

  • Antioxidant Effects: Contains volatile fatty acids acting as antioxidants, protecting cells against free radical damage and supporting overall health.

  • Antidiabetic: Demonstrates the ability to reduce blood sugar levels, enhancing insulin sensitivity and promoting glucose utilization.

  • Cardiovascular Health: Ingredients in cow urine contribute to cardiovascular system health, acting as vasodilators, reducing hypertension, and supporting blood purification.

  • Skin and Wound Healing: Its components expedite the healing process of wounds and contribute to the management of skin disorders.

  • Anthelmintic Activity: Shows marked activity against worms and fungi, highlighting its bioenhancer properties that enhance the efficacy of various herbal preparations.

Collection and Preservation:

Cow urine is collected from healthy, Indian traditional cows, ensuring the absence of disease. The urine is photoactivated under direct sunlight and purified, maintaining its efficacy and stability over time without deterioration.


Cow urine therapy, as elucidated through traditional texts and modern scientific research, offers a multifaceted approach to healing and wellness. Embracing its use can lead to significant health improvements, advocating for further exploration and acceptance of this ancient remedy in contemporary health practices. Its role as a natural remedy, free from side effects, positions it as a promising option in the pursuit of holistic health and the treatment of various ailments.

Unlock the Healing Power of Gomutra with Agom Gavambu Gutika

  • Cardiovascular Health: Gomutra offers benefits for heart-related conditions, contributing to the overall health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Blood Pressure Regulation: Its properties help in managing high blood pressure, promoting circulatory health.
  • Mental Wellness: Gomutra is acclaimed for its effectiveness in addressing mental illnesses, supporting cognitive function and emotional balance.
  • Liver Detoxification: Acts as a liver cleanser, facilitating the removal of toxins and enhancing liver function.
  • Blood Purification: It purifies the blood, reducing the risk of blood-borne diseases and improving skin health.
  • Digestive Aid: Improves digestion and addresses abdominal issues such as colic, stomach pain, and bloating, enhancing gut health.

Revolutionize Your Health: The Benefits of Gomutra in Every Pill

Gomutra is revered in traditional Indian medicine for its versatile therapeutic properties. As a key ingredient in Agom Gavambu Gutika, it is recognized for:

  • Anti-microbial, Antibiotic, and Antifungal Properties: Offers protection against various microbial infections.
  • Treatment of Leprosy and Cancer: Its application in managing leprosy and its potential in cancer treatment highlight its medicinal significance.
  • Comprehensive Systemic Benefits: Aids in disorders affecting the lower jaw, pharynx, oral cavity, eyes, eyebrows, and digestion, showcasing its systemic efficacy.

Usage and Dosage:

Agom Gavambu Gutika's recommended dosage is 4 pills taken three times daily, catering to internal therapeutic needs. Additionally, a water solution of 8 – 10 pills can be applied externally, offering versatility in its application.


Available in a 25gm package, Agom Gavambu Gutika is designed to be a convenient and accessible form of traditional remedy, promising a natural path to wellness and vitality.

Incorporating Agom Gavambu Gutika into daily health routines can unlock the age-old secrets of Gomutra's healing power, offering a natural, holistic approach to wellness that aligns with the body's inherent processes.

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