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Acidum Sarcolacticum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM

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About Acidum Sarcolacticum Homeopathy Dilution

Acidum sarcolacticum CH is a Homoeopathic Dilution made from Sarcolactic acid. It is reported to be useful in muscular prostration, influenza, spinal neurasthenia, nausea, sore throat, etc Homeopathic medicine Sarcolacticum Acidum is prepared by potentizing (a homeopathic process) sarcolactic acid. Chief among its actions is its affinity towards acting on muscles and spinal nerves. The medicine is frequently indicated after influenza attacks to combat muscle weakness. The best action of a medicine can be obtained when taken as per the advice of a homeopathic physician. Procure your homeopathic medicines from www.schwabeindia.com to ensure excellent quality and authenticity


Following are some symptoms covered by this remedy:

Patient is weak, tired and is worse by exertion. Restless at night, tired in the morning on waking up. Vomiting and retching with weakness. Even water is vomited. Nausea. Weakness after vomiting. Tiredness in back, neck and soreness all over body. Weakness from climbing stairs, from writing, and cramps. Clinically, the medicine is prescribed in cases of spinal neurasthenia, muscle weakness, and post-influenza weakness.


The medicine is taken internally either in pills or in liquid form. Potency varies as per requirement. Generally, lower potencies are given at frequent repetitions, however a high dose may also be given singly.


Homeopathic medicines are safe to use and cause no adverse reactions, even in vulnerable age groups. The best action of a medicine can be obtained when taken as per the advice of a homeopathic physician.  quality ann difficulty in going to sleep. Tired feeling in the morning on waking up. Vomiting and constant retching with great weakness.

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