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Thyroid Disorder Homeopathic Remedies Collection

Homeopathic Remedies for Thyroid Disorders:

Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid):

- Tuberculinum 1M: Initial remedy, followed by a 24-hour gap before other treatments.
- Baryta Iodide 3X: For concurrent thyroid and tonsil inflammation.
- Belladonna 1X: For toxic thyroid secretions.
- Calcarea Carb 30: For obesity related to thyroid dysfunction.
- Calcarea Iodide 3X: For thyroid enlargement during puberty.
- Calcarea Flour 30: For hardened glands.
- Cistus Canadensis 30: When glands are inflamed and suppurating.
- Ferrum Phos 6X: For red, flushed face with heavy menstruation.
- Iodum 30: For inflamed and enlarged thyroid.
- Kali Carb 30: For loss of thyroid function, especially in susceptible demographics.
- Kali Iodide 3X: For inflamed glands and radiation protection.
- Petroleum 200: For those prone to thyroid issues.
- Sepia 30: For low thyroid hormone levels.
- Thyroidinum 30: For sugar cravings, obesity, and developmental delays.

Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid):

- Bromium 30: For enlarged glands and visible throat vessels.
- Fucus Ves. 30: For obesity, non-toxic goiter, and eye protrusion.
- Iodum CM: For weight loss despite good appetite and general debility.
- Lycopus 30: For nervousness, sweating, weight loss, and increased bowel activity related to goiter.
- Petrolem 200: For goiter, with associated gastric and skin issues.

Homeopathic treatment and thyroid cure : Know the actions of various homeopathic medicines in addressing thyroid disorders, Homeopathic medicine list by the type of thyroid disease (Hyper-thyroidism & Hypo-thyroidism) in blog article here  

Dr.Pranjali recommended medicines list for Hypothyroidism, check here 

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