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Dr. Boenninghausen Homeopathy Cough Formula, Croup

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Clemens Maria Franz von Bönninghausen was a pioneer in the field of homeopathy who systematized the expanding homeopathic knowledge of materia medica.  Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook of 1846 was the first homeopathic repertory to grade individual remedies by their strength of relationship with each symptom, and each other.

Kit 1 - Boenninghausen's Trio of homoeopathic remedies for croup

consists of spongia tosta 200, aconite 200, hepar sulphur 200.

Spongia is an adequate naural medicine for cough variant asthma and asthma. The main characteristic feature of Spongia is that is extreme dryness of the mucous membranes and the air passages. There is dryness of the throat, trachea, larynx and even tongue. A cough is caused due to excessive dryness, talking or rising from bed, drinking milk or cold drinks. Spongia is indicated when a cough is dry and barking in nature

Hepar sulph for cough that worsens from exposure to cold air. Patient has cough with abundant thick, yellow expectoration. Breathing difficulty and whistling sounds in the chest are also there. Hepar Sulph is effective for this complaint arising in bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma

Aconite is beneficial when cough awakens the child from sleep. Cough is dry, short, barking, whistling and suffocating. It is also indicated for loud croaking coughs that worsens during expiration. The child grasps his throat during coughing. It worsens from exposure to cold air. Voice is husky. The larynx is inflamed, sensitive to touch.

Kit Contents: 3 units of 30ml sealed dilution units

Dosage: All the three medicines are to be mixed proportionately in a one 90 ml file, adult me 2 drops 3 times a day or children's 1 drop 2 times a day for cough coryza throat infection. Dr Kirti says this medicine is also useful for throat infection tonsillitis laryngitis and pharyngitis

Kit 2 - Kiri Cough formula for cold season with Boenninghausen mixture

Dr Kirti recommends this cough formula which he says he has learnt from his mentor D.S Chandel. He says that Dr. Boenninghausen cough formula is effective for both wet and dry cough  especially croup ( upper respiratory infection accompanied by a barking cough)

Watch his You Tube video titled" Prevention and Homeopathic treatment from cough and cold in winter season?

He recommends; 

  1. Ipecacuanha 30, 2 drops 3 times a day
  2. Antium tart 30, 2 drops 3 times a day
  3. Boenninghausen cough combination(above), 2 drops 3 times a day
  4. Bio chemic combination 6, BC6 tab 3 times a day
  5. Wheezal mixture syrup 10 ml 3 times a day for 6 days

Kit Contents: 5 units of 30ml sealed dilutions, 1 unit of 25 Gms tablet, 1 unit of 100ml syrup

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