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Bhargava Skedin Drops, Ringworm, Urticaria, Acne, Eczema. 15% Off

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About Bhargava Skedin Drops

Bhargava Skedin drops is Homeopathic liquid oral drops for skin infections. Used for owings to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, de-purative, anti-oxidant properties and blood purifying properties, it is useful in skin infections like Boils, Abscesses, Wounds, Eczema, Pimples, Herpes, Psoriasis, Burning, itching, dry, rough, scaly, red, cracked skin.

Bhargava Skedin drops contains Echinacea angustifolia 3xl, Azadirachta Indica 3x,  juglans regia 3x, Sarsaparilla 3x, Berberis aquifolium 2x for broad spectrun properties to fight various skin infections

Bhargava Skedin drops is a part of Minims offering from Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd. Minims are liquid oral drops prepared from a blend of highly effective plant extracts, potentised and formulated in the purest form of alcohol, E. N. A. Each minim comprises of a unique preparation to treat the ailments of the body.

What are the Benefits of Skedin Drop?

People who have tried many steroid creams for eczema or ointments without seeing results will find this homeopathic medicine helpful.

  • It provides relief and Improvement to the following symptoms 
  • Eczema, which causes itching, red bumps, scaly skin, and skin patches 
  • Ringworm which causes red bump itch on the skin, and itching 
  • Abscesses
  • Acne 
  • Pimples
  • Dermatitis
  • Urticaria or Hives, which causes itching
  • Repairs dry, scaly skin
  • Offers protection to the skin from external pollutants 

Bhargava Skedin drops Dosage: 10-15 drops of Bhargava No 25 Skedin drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Presentation: 30 ml

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Dosage 10-15 drops of Bhargava No 25 Skedin drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.
Symptoms Warts, Corns. Body Heat, Perspiration, Acne Vulgaris, Rash At Puberty,Psoriasis,Shingles ,Skin Diseases,Eczema, Dry chapped Lips,Dandruff, Itchy,Acne, Boils, Brittle Nails,dry chapped skin, Rashes, skin infections,Skin blemishes, pimples, recurrent boils, carbuncles, insect bites, rough and scaly skin, Capillary Bleeding, Cracked heels, dry flaky skin, Prickly heat,dermatitis,leucoderma, ring worms, cuts,leucoderma,burns,blisters
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops


Important information regarding Skedin Drop :

Before taking Skedin drop homeopathy medicine, you need to follow certain instructions. It will help you get fast and accurate results without experiencing any side effects

Frequently Asked Question

Is Skedin Drop safe to take with other medicines?

Skedin Drop are fast, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no known reactions with other drugs. In addition they are non-habit forming and have no contraindications 

How long do I need to use Skedin Drop before I see improvement of my conditions?

It depends on the severity, duration of the symptoms and also how your body is responding to the medicine. Maximum use it for 8 weeks and you should see the positive effect 

After my symptoms have passed, should I continue to take the medicine?

It is wise to continue a lighter dose after the symptoms have passed. Generally, the longer you had the problem, the longer you should take this product after symptoms have passed. This will help assure a more complete recovery. This continued dosage can vary from 2 times a day to 2 times a week for a week to perhaps several months depending on the length and severity of the problem 

I have never taken homeopathic medicine before. Would it be safe to take Skedin Drop?

Homeopathic medicines are 100% natural and are absolutely safe to consume. These does not have any side effect.

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