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REPL Dr. Advice No. 130 (DEAF-EN) for Deafness, Hearing loss

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Size: 30ml

About REPL Dr. Advice No. 130 (DEAF-EN) 

REPL 130 is a very effective homeopathic medicine for deafness, hearing loss, conductive hearing loss in one or both ear, old age situation, difficulty in hearing other people & often a misunderstanding.

In the case of old age, there are multiple reasons for deafness and hearing problems. Cold, ear becoming blank with a sudden loud sound, pus formation in-ear, dirt in-ear, al these may happen due to another disease.

Deafness Causes: A number of infections cause sudden hearing loss during or immediately after acute illness. Common causes include bacterial meningitis, Lyme disease, and many viral infections. Other Factors that may damage or lead to loss of the hairs and nerve cells in your inner ear include Aging due toDegeneration of inner ear structures occurs over time, Exposure to loud sounds can damage the cells of your inner ear, Heredity, Occupational or recreational  noises


  • Deafness, Hearing loss
  • Conductive hearing loss in one or both ear
  • difficulty in hearing due to old age

Mode of Action of ingredients used in REPL Dr. Advice No. 130 (DEAF-EN)

  • Merc Sol 6:  Thick, yellow discharge; fetid and bloody. Otalgia, worse warmth of bed; at night sticking pains. Boils in the external canal 
  • Kali Mur 6: Sinus pain, Earache which occurs due to exposure or atmospheric pressure change, adult travellers ear discomfort.
  • Hydrastis C Q: Muco-purulent discharge from ear with pain.
  • Graphites 6:  Dryness of inner ear. Cracking in ears when eating. Hardness of hearing.
  • Pulsatilla Q:  Hearing difficult, as if the ear were stuffed. Otorrhea. Thick, bland discharge; offensive odor. External ear swollen and red. 
  • Plantago Q:  Hearing acute; noise painful. Sticking pain in ears. Pain goes from one ear to the other through the head.


8 to 10 drops with 1/4 cup of water 3-4 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

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