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Hair Care

Arnica Montana (golden yellow flowers having a daisy like appearance) and Jaborandi (a small branched shrub having a smooth, grey bark spotted with white dots) are popularly known homeopathic ingredients for a wide spectrum hair care and treatment. Homeopathic hair care products remove dandruff and hair lice, checks premature graying, tone the scalp, rejuvenate hair roots and replenish hair of its lost luster and vitality. Bring back the shine, bounce and volume with our branded homeopathy hair care range.

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Bhargava Baby Hair Oil with Almond, Brahmi, Tulsi
Bakson Anti lice Shampoo
Bio Valley Arnica Hair Oil for Strong and Shiny Hair
Bio Valley Venone Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Ketoconazole for Dandruff
Bio Valley Tulsi Amla Hair Oil
Bakson AC9 Tablets
Blooume 206 Lavender Coconut Homeopathic Oil
Bio Valley Cedar Wood Shampoo - Repairs and Revitalizes Hair
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Bhargava Bals Tablets for Hair Loss, Premature Graying and Dandruff
Allen Arnica Montana Hair Oil - Medicated Hair Root Stimulant
Allen Arnica Gold - Anti Hair Fall Care
Allen Jaborandi Gold Hair Oil - Anti Dandruff Care
A14 Hair Scalp Relief Drops
Allen A46 Anti Dandruff Drops
A82 - Premature Greying of Hair
Allens ArnicaPlus with Triofer tab
Allens Arnica Plus-S Anti Dandruff Scalp Cleanser
Arnica Montana Hair Oil &  Conditioner Shampoo Combo
Arnica Plus Hair vitalizer
Agom Kesharanjana Oil tailark for Hair Fall
Allen A53 Alopecia Drops - Homeopathic medicine for Baldness
Allens Arnica Triofer Tablets
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Doliosis D2 Hair and Scalp drops for hair fall, dandruff
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil TJC for Premature Graying, Dandruff 15% Off
SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo with Conditioner
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil
SBL Coconica Hair Oil
SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil
SBL Arnica Montana Fortified  Hair Oil
SBL Drops No.1 for Hair Care
Schwabe B&T Arnica shampoo with Arnica, Jaborandi, Salvia
Schwabe B&T Hair Growth Oil with Arnica, Jaborandi, Olive & Sabal Serrulata
Schwabe B&T Anti Dandruff Oil  with Neem, Lavendula, Cardiospermum, Cochlearia
Schwabe B&T Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Lavendula, Saponaria, Urtica Dioica
SBL Scalptone Tablets - Healthy Hair Roots (Internal Care)
Healwell Arnicare Light Hair Oil with Arnica, Brahmi and Amla-PACK OF 3
112 results
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