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Wheezal Leucorine Syrup for Excessive Leucorrhoea

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Wheezal Leucorine Syrup reduces white discharges (vaginal) thick and thin discharge, with itching and weakness.

Wheezal Leucorine Syrup Range of Action

  • Useful in all kinds of Leucorrhoea.
  • Loss of Appetite & Physical Weakness.
  • Helps in problems related with Hormonal Imbalance.

Wheezal Leucorine Syrup contains

  • Alumina 6,
  • Sepia 6,
  • Mag mur 6,
  • Conium Mac 6,
  • Cal Carb 6.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Wheezal Leucorine Syrup

Alumina 6: White discharge in females acrid, profuse transparent, ropy, with burning; worse during daytime, and after menses. Relieved by washing with cold water.Sluggish functions, heaviness, numbness.

Sepia 6:  White discharge with yellow, greenish; much itching. Menses Too late and scanty, irregular; early and profuse. Bearing down sensation as if everything would escape through vulva. Nausea at smell or sight of food.

Mag. mur 6:  White discharge with every stool and after exercise. Appetite poor, had taste in mouth. Cannot digest milk.

Conium mac.6: White discharge after micturition, Wants to press breast hard with hand. Menses delayed and scanty, ovary enlarged.

Cal Carb. 6. Cutting pains in uterus during menstruation. Breasts tender and swollen before menses. White discharge, milky.

Dosage of Wheezal Leucorine Syrup

One teaspoonful 3 to 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.


120 ml & 450 ml

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