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Homeopathy hypertension kit with Rauwolfia, Passiflora, Crataegus

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Two leading doctors recommend most essential homeopathy medicines for effective hypertension treatment, now in the form of a doctor recommended kit

High Blood Pressure (also referred to as HBP, or hypertension) is when your blood pressure, the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is consistently too high. 

High Blood Pressure causes are too much salt in the diet, too much alcohol consumption, stress. Most people with high blood pressure have no signs or symptoms, even if blood pressure readings reach dangerously high levels. Homeopathic treatment of hypertension or high BP can not only can lower and stabilize blood pressure, it also has a positive effect on overall health.

Kit 1: TenShun for High Blood Pressure

This remedy kit is recommended by Dr.Pranjali, for more details watch her YouTube video titled: Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure | How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

Indications- Severe headache. Fatigue or confusion. Vision problems.

Contents: This kit contains 7 units of sealed 30ml drops of the following medicines: Lachesis 1M, Rauwolfia Serpentina Q, Passiflora Incarnata, Crataegus oxycantha Q, 5. Ferrum phosphorica 6x tablet, Kali Muriatica 6X tablets, Calcarea phosphoric 6X tablet.

Mode of action of individual remedies in Tenshun for treating high blood pressure 

  1. Lachesis 1M is perhaps one of the most leading homeopathic remedies in controlling high levels of blood pressure. Lachesis may be given in high blood pressure in women who are in their menopausal age or post menopause and improves the blood circulation. Lachesis is the best Homoeopathic medicine for high blood pressure during menopause. Lachesis is best when there is marked restlessness physically as well as mentally. Anything tight around the neck like closed collars, neck ties or tight necklaces becomes unbearable for patient. Even tight clothes included. Feels better by loosening the belts or by wearing loose clothes. Lachesis may be given in high blood pressure in women who are in their menopausal age or post menopause.
  2. Rauwolfia Serpentina Q most important remedy to control high blood Pressure. A specific remedy for hypertension. It is used as a palliative for hypertension. As per NCBI, the plant provides clinicians with a safe and effective adjunct to pharmaceuticals in the treatment of high blood pressure
  3. Passiflora Incarnata Q can help to regulate blood pressure levels in people with mild hypertension. Studies show that using extract of Passiflora or Passion flower can help to reduce high blood pressure (hypertension). It was found that one cup of Passion Flower tea daily can help to regulate blood pressure levels in people with mild hypertension. It contains alkaloids Amino Acids Apigenin that work as a relaxant
  4. Crataegus oxycantha Q is used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. It is also may be used to treat both low blood pressure and high blood pressure. Homeopaths consider this as a perfect heart tonic and a specific remedy for hypertension. The patient feels dyspnoea on least exertion
  5. Ferrum phosphorica 6x tablet: Ferr. Phos. is the pre-eminent biochemic first aid and is the oxygen carrier. It is an excellent remedy for ailments associated with advancing years. It improves blood vessel elasticity by addressing any inflammations.Lowers blood pressure Hypertension with a pounding pulse 4 times a day, take 2 tablets
  6. Kali Muriatica 6X tablet: it is useful for patients who suffer hypertension due to panic disorder
  7. Calcarea phosphorica 6X tablet: This remedy is often helpful to people with high blood pressure who easily tire and have poor stamina. Particularly useful for diabetic people suffering high blood pressure


  • Lachesis 1M take 2 drops once a month. Note -when you take Lachesis 1M that day don’t take any other homeopathy medicine.
  • Mother tincture combination- Rauwolfia Serpentina Q, Passiflora Incarnata Q, Crataegus oxycantha Q Mix all medicines in equal quantities in a separate bottle and take 15-20 drops with 1/4th cup of water take 3 times a day.
  • Ferrum phosphorica 6x tablet, Kali Muriatica 6X tablet, Calcarea phosphorica 6X tablet Take 2 pills of each medicine 3 times in a day for 1-2 months.

Note: Indicated medicines will be made available either in Sealed units of Schwabe, Reckeweg, or SBL brand, etc. (depending on availability).

Kit 2: Swan High BP Combination

This remedy kit is recommended by Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh in his Youtube video titled "Swan High B.p combination! Homeopathic combination for control and cure high blood pressure!." This mother tincture combination mix is very effective in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Contents: This kit contents 3 units of sealed 30 ml mother tinctures of Rauwolfia Serpentina Q (1unit), Crataegus Oxyacantha Q (1 unit), and Passiflora Incarnata Q (1 unit). 

1. Rauwolfia serpentina mother tincture  Rauwolfia Serpentina also known as Sarpagandha is a traditional medicines used in the treatment of high blood pressure, lowers blood pressure almost instantly. Helps in reducing high blood pressure when there are no atheromatous changes in the blood vessels. The Hahnemanian proving of this remedy was conducted by CCRH and published in 2005. Covered in the Indian & German Homeopathic pharmacopoeias

2. Crataegus Oxyacantha mother tincture helps lower the blood pressure by dissolving the calcareous deposits in the arteries. Symptoms indicative of this medicine include pain in the region of the heart, oppression of chest, accelerated pulse and irregular pulse. Other symptoms include anxiety and cardiac dyspnea

3. Passiflora Incarnata mother tincture is a natural relaxant and helps calm down frayed agitated nerves. It treats Blood pressure from lack of sleep (insomnia) due to stress, work pressure. 

Dosage: Mix an equal proportion of all the 3 mother tinctures in an empty cup or bottle. Take 15-20 drops of the mother tincture mix with ¼ cup of water 3 times a day, 15-20 minutes before intake of food. (Morning- Afternoon- Evening)

Note: Indicated medicines will be made available either in Sealed units of Homeomart, Schwabe, Reckeweg, or SBL brand, etc. (depending on availability).

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