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Dr.Reckeweg R89 drops. Hair loss, Grey Hair 15% off

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Homeopathic Reckeweg R89 Lipocol hair drops

German Dr.Reckeweg R89 drops is a patent formulation of well known homeopathic medicines to address hair fall due to hormonal imbalances, improper fatty acid and fat metabolism, blood impurities or toxemia/infection leading to weak hair roots. It has key ingredients like alfalfa, hypophysis etc that acts on alopecia (partial or complete absence of hair), premature hair loss, baldness and premature gray hair. It is also indicated for weakness and headaches.

Remedy Collection: Top Homeopathy Hair Loss, Regrowth Medicines

R89 Indications: Aloepecia, premature hair loss, premature grey hair in men and women.

Tips: for best results doctor advise to use R89 for 4-6 months regularly (go for 6 pack value offer). Also massage scalp regularly with mother tincture mix 

R89 hair fall and hair regrowth drops - Key Highlights

  • India’s most popular German homeopathy hair fall medicine for hair fall treatment. For both internal consumption and external topical application in bald spots
  • Promotes hair regrowth after hairfall due to diseases, blood impurity, ill effects of hormones. Natural, safe and side effect free hair fall rescue formula
  • Contains powerful homeo herbal & cell salt ingredients each with a specific action of reversing the harmful effects of various internal & external toxins on hair loss and stabilizing hair growth cycle
  • Indicated for alopecia, baldness, hair fall protect in men & women, premature hair loss in young people, early greying of hair, body weakness resulting in weak hair roots

  • R89 homeopathic medicine reviews by doctors

    Dr Rukmani, a delhi based homeopathy says R89 provides combined benefits of well known homeopathic ingredients (refer composition) to address multiple causes of hair fall. She says the R89 drop formulation aims to address hair follicle weakness that causes thinning, hairfall and premature greying. She says the key to getting good results with R89 drops is to use it for a extended period of time. Another useful tip she provides; while applying R89 topically, ensure that scalp is washed and clean. Check her You Tube video titled "Lipocol R89 German medicine | नएबाल उगाने का आसान तरीक़ा ? R89medicine for Alopecia"

    Dr Pranjali, a bangalore based homeopath says R89 is for hairloss patients who are unable to pinpoint their exact cause of hair fall (generalized conditions). She says such patients may be suffering receding hair line due to hormonal ill effects, gastric troubles due to improper diet, lifestyle issues .  She adds R89 is useful for hair loss at young age,  and women with post partem issues. She says R89 has given good results in a large number of her patients. She says it is important to take this drops for a long time as one bottle may last only for 15 days. "For hair follicles that are still alive (from recent hair falls) applying R89 topically may help rejuvenate them" she says.

    R89 Composition: Alfalfa D3, Hypophysis D30, Juglans D12, Kalium Phophoricum D4, D6, D12, Lactuca Sativa D2, Lecithinum D3, Oenothera Biennis D3, Polysorbatum D3, Polysorbatum D3, Testes D30,

    Mode of action of homeopathy ingredients in R89 to stop hair loss, thinning, greying

    The key properties in Dr.Reckeweg R 89 drops are natural remedies for hair loss derived from the following ingredients

    • Alfalfa, Lactuca sativa, Lecithinum, Oenothera biennis; these ingredients has anti hormonal effects for hair loss.
    • Hypophysis-it is useful for stabilizing hair growth cycle and works as natural remedies for hair loss.
    • Juglans-it acts as blood purifier and contains essential fatty acids.
    • Kalium phosphoricum-it is a well known biochemic cell salt for the hair restoration
    • Polysorbatum - for topical (external) stimulation of hair roots in balding spots
    • Testes-it has glandular action.

    Compare R89 lipocol drops with similar homeopathic hairloss drops like SBL drops No.1, Adel 9 CRI-regen drops for Hair Loss with Ustilago, Thallium,  Wheezal double action Haigro Drops for Hairfall, Bald Spots, Grey Hair (twin pack), REPL10 Alopecia drops for Alopecia, Hair fall, Hair loss, Grey Hair

    General Indications for Dr.Reckeweg R 89 drops

    The self-healing powers of the body during an illness are triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckeweg and Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts as a specific stimulus in treatment.

    The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)

    The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R89 drops should be taken before meals with some water unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.

    Contra Indication for Dr.Reckeweg R 89 drops

    • The medication (Dr.Reckeweg R89 drops)should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients
    • Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor
    • Pls keep medications out of reach from children.
    • Homeopathic medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature, not over 30 degree Centigrade (86 degree F)
    • This being a natural product, it may sometime precipitate slightly or become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. If this happens, shake the product well before using.
    • Once you break open the seal, medications should be used up quickly.

    Additional Information

    Dosage 3 times daily 20 to 30 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R 89 after meals;once a day massage into bald area vigorously for 5 minutes
    Symptoms Gradual thinning on top of head, circular or patchy bald spots, sudden loosening of hair, clumps of hair fall after brushing, less fullness to their ponytail (in women)
    Manufacturer Dr.Reckeweg and Co.GmbH
    30ml sealed Drops


    For Glandular disorders (hormonal imbalance) and hair loss: Hair loss may accompany several endocrine disorders, including hypopituitarism, hypothyreosis (Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid), hyperthyreosis (overactive thyroid), hypoparathyroidism, diabetes mellitus, growth hormone deficiency, hyperprolactinaemia (high prolactin concentration in blood), polycystic ovary syndrome. In such cases Dr.Reckeweg advises a combination of R89+R19 (for male), R89+R20 (for female) for glandular balance

    Iron deficiency hair loss is one of the most common non-hereditary causes of hair loss (apart from low thyroid function) as per ScientificAmerican. For hairfall from anemia, Reckeweg recommends R31+R89 (22ml+30ml)

    Constipation and hairloss: If your are suffering constipation, fatigue or lethargy with hair loss it could be due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis​​. For hairfall in chronically constipated people Reckeweg recomends R37+R89

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