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Bhargava Prostoral Homeopathy Tablets for Prostatitis 10% off

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Size Option: 3x10 Tablets

Bhargava Prostoral Homeopathic Tablets facilitates the normal functioning of the prostate glandwith its unique composition of homeopathic ingredients


Tip: check Dr. advised Prostorel for enlarged prostate with Sabal Serr, Chimaphila, Hydrangea

Bhargava Prostoral Tablets indications :It facilitates the normal functioning of the prostate gland, indicated in abnormal enlargement and painful inflammation of prostate gland, It removes the urinary troubles due to prostatic enlargement like weak urine stream, increased & urgent need to urinate, difficulty & burning while passing urine, dribbling at the end of urination. It relaxes the smooth muscles of the prostate & bladder neck to improve urine flow and to reduce bladder outlet obstruction. It significantly reduces the risk of further prostate enlargement to the point where invasive surgery was needed.

Other Indications of Dr Bhargava Prostoral Tablets

  • Poor urine flow, Frequent desire to urinate.
  • Restoring the state of health without the need for surgical intervention
  • It relieves the frequency, urgency, hesitancy to urinate, dribbling of urine & interrupted flow


Bhargava Prostoral Tablets  Composition:

     Each Tablet contains:

  •  Chimaphila umbellata 3X 75mg
  •  Hydrangea arborescens 3X 30mg
  •  Ferrum picricum 3X 30mg
  •  Pareira brava 6X 50mg
  •  Sabal serrulata 3X 60mg
  •  Staphysagria 3X 75mg
  •  Thuja occidentalis 3X 80mg
  • In Sugar of Milk Base

Benefits of each Ingredient:

  1. Chimaphila umbellata 3X (75mg):

   - Supports the urinary system and may help reduce urinary discomfort.

   - Traditionally used to address prostate-related issues and inflammation.

  1. Hydrangea arborescens 3X (30mg):

   - Known for its potential to alleviate urinary symptoms associated with prostatitis.

   - May aid in reducing inflammation and discomfort in the prostate gland.

  1. Ferrum picricum 3X (30mg):

   - Offers potential support for reducing prostatic congestion.

   - Helps in addressing urinary issues and discomfort.

  1. Pareira brava 6X (50mg):

   - Traditionally used for urinary difficulties and the sensation of a swollen prostate.

   - May aid in reducing inflammation and easing urinary symptoms.

  1. Sabal serrulata 3X (60mg):

   - Supports overall prostate health.

   - May assist in relieving urinary symptoms, including frequent urination.

  1. Staphysagria 3X (75mg):

   - Addresses emotional and physical symptoms related to prostatitis.

   - May help reduce pain and discomfort associated with the condition.

  1. Thuja occidentalis 3X (80mg):

   - Supports the immune system and may assist in reducing inflammation.

   - Addresses urinary symptoms and discomfort.

Additional Information:

- Prostoral Homeopathy Tablets are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients known for their potential benefits in managing prostatitis and associated urinary symptoms.

- These tablets are intended to be a complementary approach to prostatitis management, and they should be used as directed by a healthcare professional.

- Homeopathic remedies like Prostoral tablets are generally well-tolerated and can be used alongside other treatment modalities for prostatitis as part of a comprehensive approach to symptom management.

- Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking other medications.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets three times a day, or as prescribed by the physician.

Presentation: 3blisters of 10 Tablets

Additional Information:

Dosage 1-2 tablets three times a day, or as prescribed by the physician.
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops

संकेतः यह पुरःस्थ ग्रंथि की सामान्य क्रियाशीलता को सुगम बनाता है। पुरःस्थ ग्रंथि की असामान्य वृद्धि और दर्दनाक सूजन में संकेतित है। यह पुरःस्थ ग्रंथि के बड़े हो जाने की वजह से मूत्र संबंधी समस्याओं को दूर करता है जैसे-कमजोर मूत्र धारा। पेशाब करने की बढ़ी हुई और तात्कालिक जरूरत। शुरू में तकलीफा पेशाब करते समय जलन। मूत्र त्याग के अंत में बूँद-बूँद करके टपकना। यह मूत्र प्रवाह में सुधार करने और मूत्राशय बाहरी बाधा को कम करने के लिए पुरःस्थ और मूत्राशय ग्रीवा की चिकनी मांसपेशियों को ढील देता है। यह आगे चलकर उस हद तक पुरःस्थ ग्रंथि को बढ़ने की संभावना को काफी हद तक कम कर देता है जहाँ गंभीर शल्य चिकित्सा की जरूरत पड़ती है।

खुराक- १-२ गोलियाँ, दिन में तीन बार या चिकित्सक के दिशानिर्देशानुसार।

पैकिंग- हर १० गोलियों के ३ ब्लिस्टर पैक।

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