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BBP Soundarya Cream - Improves Skin's Tone and Texture

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About Soundarya Cream

BBP Soundarya complexion cream with homeopathic extracts gently exfoliates to help improve skin's tone and texture.

BBP Soundarya complexion cream helps treat and prevent blemishes with proven acne fighting ingredient. It serves as the prefect natural foundation for your skin texture and color

Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Soundarya cream is formulated with the natural attracts of herbs that have beneficial action on skin. It has key ingredients like berberis aque, oleum sand, thuja occ etc. The cream helps to combat the skin affections like blackheads, pimples, scars, piiting, dry skin, sun burn etc.


BPP’s Soundarya cream Contains Berberis Aquifolium Hpi Q, Oleum Sandalum Hpi Q, Thuja Occ. Hpi Q. Natrum Mur Hpl.3x in Cream Base .

How the ingredients in BBP Soundarya cream work?

The key properties in BBP Soundarya cream are derived from the following ingredients

Berberis aquefolium-it helps to clear facial complexion. It is used in cases where skin is dark and has scars due to acne or the other skin conditions.

Oleum sandalum-enhances skin fairness

Thuja occ-it treats skin problems like psoriasis (red scaly skin patches), infectious skin diseases, warts etc.

Additional Information

Symptoms Pimples, Freckles, Blackheads, Scars, Sunburn, Dry skin
Manufacturer Bangalore Bio-Plasgens
Form Cream
Application Apply Soundarya Cream to the affected area usually once or twice a day, or as directed. Before applying each dose , gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser or Use a gentle face wash, then pat dry.

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