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REPL Dr. Advice No. 85 (PARALIN-S) for Paralysis

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About REPL Dr. Advice No. 85 (PARALIN-S)

REPL 85 is very effective in the weakness of limbs of any part of the body, loss of sensation, weakness in nerves. It is indicated in gradually appearing paralysis and local paralysis.


  • Gradually appearing paralysis
  • Local paralysis
  • Muscles of deglutition, of the tongue, eyelids, face, cannot walk
  • Paralysis of any part Loss of sensation

Mode of Action of ingredients used in REPL Dr. Advice No. 85 (PARALIN-S)

  • Kali Phosphoricum 6x: Twitching of muscles of arms and fingers-Numbness of, No feeling in fingertips.
  • Causticum 30x: Paralysis of the tongue, difficulty in swallowing, from paralysis of the organs of deglutition.
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens 30x: Paralytic affections, muscles weak, Trembling, and weakness of the whole muscular system.
  • Lathyrus Sativus 6x: They misplaced the feet, Bringing them too close to the median line, and sometimes crossing it, Causing legs to tangle up.
  • Thallium Metelicum 6x: Trembling and more or less complete paralysis in lower extremities.
  • Curare 30x: Legs tremble and give way in walking. Complete paralysis of the deltoid.


8 to 10 drops with 1/4 cup of water 3-4 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

धीमी गति से होने वाला एकांगी अथवा किसी भी प्रकार का पक्षाघात। जिससे किसी स्थान विशेष, मांस पेशियों का क्षय, जवान चेहरा, आंख की पलकें इत्यादि का पक्षाघात, अंगों में शून्यपन, छूने की शक्ति का एहसास समाप्त हो जाता है। ऐसे में औषधि का लम्बे समय तक प्रयोग करने से लाभ मिलता है।

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