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Wheezal WL 47 Typhoid Fever Drops 20% Off

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Homeopathy WL47 Typhoid Drops

Wheezal WL47 Typhoid homeopathy Drops helps in mild to severe temperature, similar low and recurrent rise of temperature & related weakness.

Reduces fever and other complications of headache, Poor appetite, lethargy, diarrhoea, chest congestion, hair falling etc.

WL47 is a patent homeopathy medicine formulated by Dr. Farokh J. Master (refer details below)

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi, that can spread throughout the body, affecting many organs. Without prompt treatment, it can cause serious complications and can be fatal. The infecting bacteria is related to the bacteria that cause salmonella food poisoning. The 2 most common complications in untreated typhoid fever are: internal bleeding in the digestive system

  • Typhoid fever lasts seven to 10 days when treated soon after symptoms start. If untreated or if treatment starts later, it can last three weeks or longer.
  • Typhoid fever can usually be treated successfully with a course of homeopathy and unlike allopathy no antibiotics are used. Safe & effective

Know the doctor recommended homeopathic combinations for Typhoid here 

Wheezal WL 47 Ingredients

  • Baptisia Tinctoria 2X,
  • Bryonia Alba 2X,
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Q,
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens 6C,
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 30

Action of homeopathic composition in WL47 drops for relief from symptoms of typhoid fever

  1. Baptisia: Great muscular soreness, Heat all over, with occasional chills. Chill about 11 am. This medicine proves helpful when there is excessive tiredness along with trembling in the body and desire to lie down all the time. They feel incapable of doing any sort of physical or mental exertion. Dr. Vikas Sharma says Baptisia is also of great help in the delirious stage of typhoid fever when sleep overpowers the person even when talking.
  2. Bryonia: Rise of temperature of body marked by gastro-hepatic complications. Internal heat. Vomiting of bile and water immediately after eating.
  3. Eucalyptus: Elevation of temperature. Continuous high temperature with relapses. Dr Vikas Sharma recommends Eucalyptus as the medicine to prescribe for typhoid patients that do not show a strong pulse
  4. Gelsemium:  Heat and sweat stages, long and exhausting. Nervous chills. Sensation of emptiness and weakness at the pit of the stomach. Heaviness of head, dizziness, faintness.
  5. Lycopodium: Chill between 3 and 4 pm, followed by sweat. Icy coldness. Feels as if lying on ice. One chill is followed by another. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.


Ten to fifteen drops in some water, four to five times daily or as prescribed by the Physician.

Dr. Farokh J. Master is an outstanding international teacher cum practitioner with more than 34 years of repute. His academic career par excellent being a gold medalist at the undergraduate as well as at the postgraduate level. He is the first MD: Doctor in homeopathy. Dr. Master today teaches homeopathy in more than 32 countries.

His excellence in clinical skills made him open homoeopathic department at Bombay Hospital, KEM Hospital, Jerbai Wadia Children's Hospital, and Kamal Nayan Bajaj Cancer Center. Ruby Parsi General Hospital, Associates Cement Company, Tata Sons, Bhaba Atomic research center, Nuclear Corp. Centre of India & Indian Navy.

Dr. Master had authored more than 50 books, most of which were translated into German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, and Czech languages. With his outstanding contribution to homeopathy, Wheezal decided to appoint Dr. Master as a consultant to help formulate a group of homeopathic medicines, which he had found most effective in his clinical practices.


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