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Dr. Reckeweg R32 Hyperhidrosis Drops - Combat Excessive Sweating Naturally

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Dr. Reckeweg R32 Homeopathy Hyperhidrosis Drops is a meticulously formulated German homeopathic treatment designed to address a range of issues related to excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). This product is particularly effective for managing undue perspiration associated with climacteric flushing in women, as well as sweat-related symptoms during feverish and infectious diseases. It also targets nocturnal sweating accompanied by exhaustion and the discomfort of cold, hot, or sticky sweat.

R32 Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  1. Acidum Nitricum D12: Known for its efficacy in reducing offensive body odor, making it crucial for those experiencing sweat with a strong smell.

  2. Belladonna D12: Effective for managing hot sweats that come with vapor, helping to alleviate the discomfort associated with heat.

  3. Jaborandi D4: Addresses hyperhidrosis across various causes, aiding in the reduction of excessive sweat production.

  4. Kalium Carbonicum D6: Offers relief from back weakness and is particularly effective for sweating related to physical debility.

  5. Salvia Officinalis D30: Known for its potent effects against night sweating, helping individuals achieve a more comfortable sleep.

  6. Sambucus Nigra D4: Ideal for managing perspiration during acute illnesses, aiding in the body’s natural response to disease.

  7. Sanguinaria D6: Useful for managing flushes accompanied by outbreaks of sweating, providing relief during episodes of intense heat.

  8. Sepia D30: Addresses climacteric flushing, particularly useful for menopausal women struggling with sudden sweats.

  9. Veratrum Album D12: Targets cold sweat and accompanying severe abdominal pain, offering symptomatic relief.

  10. Lachesis D30: Particularly useful in controlling sweat in specific conditions like climacteric flushing.

General Use and Indications:

Dr. Reckeweg R32 is indicated for:

  • Excessive sweating related to climacteric changes.
  • Sweating associated with acute infectious diseases and fevers.
  • Nocturnal sweating that leads to exhaustion, particularly in pre-tuberculous conditions.
  • Management of different sweat characteristics such as unpleasant smells and the physical discomfort of cold, hot, or sticky sweat.

R32 Directions for Use:

For ongoing treatment, 10-15 drops should be taken 3-4 times a day in some water. In cases of intermittent sweating, such as nocturnal or flushing sweats, more frequent doses may be necessary.

Additional Tips for Management:

  • Washing with cold water and vinegar can help, followed by rubbing with diluted Hamamelis extract.
  • Lime baths and sauna treatments are recommended.
  • Avoid synthetic coloring, pork, and similar foods that might exacerbate symptoms.


Available in a 22 ml glass bottle, ensuring quality and ease of use.


Dr. Reckeweg and Co. GmbH, renowned for their commitment to high-quality homeopathic specialties, which stimulate the body's self-healing powers.

This product leverages the synergistic effects of its ingredients to offer comprehensive relief from hyperhidrosis, improving quality of life for those dealing with excessive sweating.

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