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Dr.Rukmani Uterine Fibroid relief Kit, WL 48, Calcarea Flour, Hertone

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Conventional medicine classify uterine fibroids in the 'surgical nature' category of diseases. Alternative medicines like Homeopathy can work wonders to the extent that they can even do away with the need for surgery. Time and again it has proved in many cases that not only the symptoms of uterine fibroids can be managed well but also effectively dissolve them. The extent of recovery depends on the size of the fibroid and intensity of symptoms

About Uterine Fibroid

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. Also called leiomyomas (lie-o-my-O-muhs) or myomas, uterine fibroids aren't associated with an increased risk of uterine cancer and almost never develop into cancer.

Fibroids range in size from seedlings, undetectable by the human eye, to bulky masses that can distort and enlarge the uterus. You can have a single fibroid or multiple ones. In extreme cases, multiple fibroids can expand the uterus so much that it reaches the rib cage and can add weight.

Many women have uterine fibroids sometime during their lives. But you might not know you have uterine fibroids because they often cause no symptoms. Your doctor may discover fibroids incidentally during a pelvic exam or prenatal ultrasound.

Dr.Pranjali recommends a combination of 2 mother tinctures, 1 unit of trituration tablets and dilution each to stop and reverse the progress of uterine fibroids. Know more here 


Many women who have fibroids don't have any symptoms. In those that do, symptoms can be influenced by the location, size and number of fibroids. In women who have symptoms, the most common signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids include: heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual periods lasting more than a week, pelvic pressure or pain, frequent urination, difficulty emptying the bladder, constipation, backache or leg pains.

Fibroids are generally classified by their location. Intramural fibroids grow within the muscular uterine wall. Submucosal fibroids bulge into the uterine cavity. Subserosal fibroids project to the outside of the uterus.


Doctors don't know the cause of uterine fibroids, but research and clinical experience point to these factors: genetic changes, hormones,  Extracellular matrix (ECM) and other growth factors.

Uterine Fibroid treatment Kit is recommended by Dr. Rukmani , refer video here: What Are Uterine Fibroids? Common Causes?

Dr. Rukmani’s Uterine Fibroid treatment Kit

This doctor recommended kit consists of 3 most commonly prescribed homeopathy medicines for Uterine Fibroid treatment and associated symptoms. Homeopathy treatment of Uterine Fibroids is not only 100% safe but also very effective in large number of patients.

Below set of homeopathy medicines have been selected by an experienced and a qualified Homeopathic doctor WL-48, Calcaria Flour3X, Hertone Syrup.

Wheezal WL48 Fibroid Uterus drops is indicated for heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots. It is used for uterine fibroids on the basis of constitution of patient along with local symptoms of cutting uterine pains. Helps to control Pelvic pain, Address increased menstrual cramps, Alleviate Pressure and fullness in lower abdomen, Prevent Swelling and enlargement of lower abdomen. Contains Calcarea Fluorica 3X, Conium Maculatum 3C, Elaterium 30, Hydrastis Canadensis 200, Thuja Occidentalis 30, Thyroidinum 30

Calcarea Flour 3X is a powerful tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose and enlarged veins, and malnutrition of bones. Moreover, if uterine fibroid with bearing down pains are presented, this remedy could cure the case

Schwabe Hertone Syrup is indicated for amenorrhoea, menstrual irregularities such as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea. It is used for ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid, and endometriosis. Abnormal vaginal discharge such as leucorrhoea of different types is cover by Hertone. The formulation strengthens the female reproductive organs. Hertone has 6 ingredients which have scientific proving for their role in female reproductive system. It is recommended for functional tone up of female reproductive system. Contains Abroma radix Q, Aletris farinosa Q, Caulophyllum thalictroides Q, Cimicifuga racemosa Q, Helonias dioica Q, Janosia Asoka

Contents: This doctor recommended combination for Uterine fibroid consists of 3 units; 30ml drops (WL38), 25Gms (Calc Fluor 3x), 100ml(Hertone)

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