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Fourrts Franz's Gel for Wounds, Cuts, Burn, Diabetic Foot, Bed Sores

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Embrace Natural Healing with Fourrts Franz's Homeopathic Gel

Discover the soothing touch of nature with Fourrts Franz's Homeopathic Gel, your gentle yet effective solution for skin healing. Infused with the power of homeopathic ingredients, this gel stands as a versatile remedy for various skin concerns, embodying the essence of nature's healing capabilities.

Natural Ingredients for Comprehensive Care

  • Calendula Q: Celebrated for its healing prowess, Calendula not only soothes wounds but also fosters rapid recovery, embodying nature's care.
  • Echinacea Q: This natural antiseptic not only wards off infections but also enhances skin recovery, showcasing the strength of natural healing.
  • Hypericum Q: Excelling in nerve-rich areas, Hypericum provides relief and aids in the healing process, highlighting the precision of homeopathic healing.

Versatile and Effective

  • For All Skin Traumas: An ideal pick for managing wounds, burns, bed sores, cuts, and skin abrasions, this gel offers a healing touch for a variety of skin traumas.
  • Diabetic Foot Care: Crafted as a safe solution for diabetic foot conditions, ensuring those with diabetes receive the care they need.
  • Summer Boils & Carbuncles: Offers relief from discomfort and accelerates the healing process, making it a summer essential.
  • Post-Shave Antiseptic: Designed to soothe skin and prevent irritation post-shaving, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.

Why Choose Fourrts Franz's Gel?

  • Natural Composition: Dedicated to providing gentle care, this gel is free from harsh chemicals, embodying the purity of nature.
  • Broad Spectrum Healing: Its versatile nature makes it suitable for a wide range of skin issues, showcasing its comprehensive healing abilities.
  • Fast-Acting Relief: Designed for quick absorption, it offers an immediate soothing effect, proving its efficiency in skin care.

Immerse yourself in the healing magic of nature with Fourrts Franz's Homeopathic Gel – your trusted ally for addressing every minor skin trauma with the gentle touch of nature.

Medical Bulletin - Franz's Gel

Fourrts Franz's Homeopathic Gel stands as a recommended solution for wounds, burns, bed sores, cuts, skin abrasions, diabetic foot, summer boils, carbuncles, and as a post-shave antiseptic, reflecting its versatile healing capabilities.


  • Calendula Q
  • Echinacea Q
  • Hypericum Q

Mode of Action of Homeopathic Ingredients

  • Calendula officinalis: A marvel for skin with its potent anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, offering healing, soothing, and softening benefits.
  • Echinacea Angustifolia: Alleviates cold sore pain, combats yeast infections, reduces itching, and supports the immune system, showcasing its broad healing properties.
  • Hypericum: Known for its antiviral, antiseptic, and styptic qualities, it's traditionally used for treating bruises, sprains, nerve damage, and pain, demonstrating its nurturing impact on the skin.

Additional Information

  • Symptoms Addressed: Wounds, burns
  • Manufacturer: Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  • Form: Gel
  • Application: Clean the wound with water, remove dirt with cotton, and apply Fourrts Franz's Gel to the affected area 2-3 times a day, illustrating its simple yet effective application process.

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