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German Ignatia Amara Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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German Homeopathic Medicine Ignatia Amara

This medicine carries a wide scope to treat many complaints related to the mind. It works very well to treat depression and runs no risk of causing dependency. It is used to treat depression in people who showcase classic symptoms like sadness, sighing, sobbing, weeping, loneliness and brooding.

St. Ignatius Bean was proved by Hahnemann and published in the third edition of his Materia Medica Pura. The information was included in Allen’s Encyclopedia.

What doctors recommend Ignatia Amara for?

Dr Kirti Singh recommends this medicine for emotional disturbance and anxiety depression, Schizophrenia, fear Jaise mental condition ke liye effective medicine hai.  Ignatia amara 200 two drops in night

Dr Rawat Choudhary recommends Ignatia Amara 200 as best for mental depression (manasik awasaad in Hindi). He says it is suited for people suffering mental disturbances due to broken relationships, loss of close person, failed love/romance (one sided affection)

This remedy remains highly beneficial for sleeplessness that arises from depression, grief, worries, care, sadness, and anxious thoughts.

Headache in persons of highly nervous and sensitive temperaments and arising from grief, anxiety, mental work are treated well with this remedy.

A cough of that is dry, hacking, and spasmodic nature is indicative of the use of this medicine. The cough is constant and there is severe irritation in the larynx and trachea. 

The key feature where it helps is the sensation of a ‘lump’ in the throat that a person is unable to swallow (globus hystericus).

It is a highly beneficial remedy to correct gastric ailments caused by worries, grief, and depression. Cases of irritable bowel syndrome that are linked with depression and grief recover  with Ignatia

As a remedy, it is also used to treat colic that gets worse with the consumption of coffee or sweets. The abdomen gets distended, causing difficulty in breathing

It is used to treat certain cases of diarrhea with specific symptoms, like diarrhea that develops as a result of emotional stress like grief.

It is also used to treat piles, especially in cases where the rectum prolapses from moderate straining at stool.

The guiding symptoms for Ignatia amara include

  1. Overly idealistic view of life
  2. Very industrious, working too hard to accomplish the ideals
  3. Driven to do the right thing, perfectionism
  4. Anxiety, fear of failure, anticipation that something bad will happen
  5. Ailments that follow a shock, disappointment, grief, or failure
  6. Nervous system irritability, irritable with anything that is said
  7. Cramping, spasms, or abnormal contractions in any part of the body
  8. Depressed mood, feelings of failure, guilt feelings
  9. Inconsolable, desire to be alone

Keynote Indications of Ignatia Amara as per Dr.Vikas Sharma

  1. It is used to treat depression in people who showcase classic symptoms like sadness, sighing, sobbing, weeping, loneliness and brooding.
  2. Ailments following sudden shocks like fears, disappointed love affections, and sudden bad news point towards its use.
  3.  Cares, worries, tensions, stress, frustrations of daily life activities can be dealt with it.
  4. Grief struck individuals definitely need this medicine to recover from the effects of grief, like from the loss or death of someone dear.
  5. Sadness, melancholia, weeping and preferring loneliness.
  6. tendency to weep along with sobbing and sighing.
  7. Worries/stress in day to day occurrences of life.
  8. Ailments from mental shocks like sudden bad news, or fear.
  9. Sudden mood swings from happiness to sadness, for example, laughter followed by weeping.
  10. Sleeplessness from grief, sadness, and worrying excessively.
  11. Amenorrhea, or the suppression of menses due to grief.
  12. Headaches as a result of grief, or excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, and tobacco smoking.
  13. Prolapsed piles with every stool needing manual replacement, sharp pain or itching rectum accompanies.

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