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Chilblains Homeopathy Remedies

Chilblains Homeopathy Remedies

What is Chilblains?

Also known as pernio, or biwai in hindi बिवाई these are skin sores or bumps due to painful inflammation of small blood vessels in skin. Chilblains are usually considered to be an idiopathic condition which means that there is no particular cause behind it. It can be related to body’s abnormal reaction, a hereditary condition or a disorder of the connective tissue. People at risk are women, underweight people and those with Raynaud's phenomenon.

You can avoid chilblains by 

  • reducing exposure to cold or humid climates.
  • stop hands and feet getting exposed to cold temperature
  • avoid tight clothes and shoes that restrict circulation of blood to the feet, toes, and extremities.
  • Diabetic should keep watch, People with diabetes may get infected by chilblains without realizing it.

What doctors recommend for chilblains treatment in homeopathy

  1. "You can keep chilblain in check by monitoring your blood sugar" says Dr Aparna Samanta. She prescribes a diet of iron rich food, dates, apricot, leafy green vegetables and apples to address chilblains naturally. She further adds that people suffering recurring chilblains may prevent it by soaking affected body part in warm water mixed with epsom salt (sendha namak in hindi). She recommends Carbo Veg 30 and Secale corr 30 in homeopathy for this condition. Watch her You Tube video " सर्दियों में ठंडे हाथ पाँव के लिए होमियोपैथी का बेस्ट इलाज || Homeopathy For CHILLBLAINS FROSTBITE" to know more
  2. For chilblains with burning sole Dr Rukmani recommends Sulphur 30 or 200. (3-drops single dose before meal orally till improvement starts). For chilblains with pain fire like Worse in winter she recommends Petroleum 30 or 200. Nitric Acid 30 or 200 Potency for chilblains with ulcer. Watch her You Tube video “Chilblains? Perniosis? Swollen Fingers,Toes Best Treatments | Chilblains Best Homeopathic Medicine” to know more
  3. Dr Aadil Chimthanwala recommends 
      • Agaricus =  Intense itching & burning, numbness, cramps
      • Hepar Sulph = chapped palms & soles, deep cracks, nails painful - wraps up the body
      • Borax  = S/o cobwebs on palms, burning heat, redness of finger tips better by fresh air

    Watch his You Tube video titled "DTD | Chillblains | बिवाई | Homeopathy | Aadil Chimthanawala | Chilblains Homeopathic Medicine" to know more 

    Homeopathic Medicines for Chilblains as per Materia Medica

    Tamus Communis is effective in chilblains, it quickens recovery process by helping to open up blood vessels and improve circulation. Agaricus is also considered a top grade homeopathic remedy for chilblains. Other medicines are given specific to chilblain symptoms (refer dr recommendations above)


     External Application: 

    Witch hazel & Calendula are both soothing and cooling, reduce itching and make the lesions go away. Whilst antiseptic creams should be applied to broken chilblains,

    Vasant Prabhu

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