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Schwabe Chamodent Tablets for Infant Teething Relief

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Chamodent: Natural and Effective Relief for Your Baby's Teething Discomfort

Chamodent is an effective homeopathic remedy for teething problems and associated ear pain. Common in babies around six months old, teething can lead to restlessness, continuous crying, and poor sleep. Chamodent assists in easing these symptoms, positively influencing the baby's behavior during this crucial growth phase.


Soothing Your Baby's Gums Naturally with Chamodent

Benefits of Chamodent for Teething:

- Controls gum inflammation.

- Relieves throbbing pain in teeth and gums.

- Addresses diarrhea, colic, and flatulence linked to teething.

- Reduces restlessness and irritability in infants.

Teething Troubles in Children: 

Teething typically starts at six months, often causing fussiness due to gum swelling and soreness. Symptoms like swollen gums, irritability, cough, fever, and diarrhea are common a few days before a tooth appears.

Gentle Homoeopathic Formula for Teething Troubles

Composition & Benefits of Chamodent: 

Chamodent contains Belladona 6X, Chamomilla 6X, Ferrum phosphoricum 6X, Hepar sulphur 12X, Pulsatilla nigricans 6X, and excipients.

  • - Belladonna: Treats tooth and ear pain, gum boils, and teeth grinding.
  • - Chamomilla: Addresses abdominal pain, restlessness, and flatulent colic.
  • - Ferrum phosphoricum: Aids in teething problems with inflammatory and febrile conditions.
  • - Hepar sulphur: Improves gum health and detoxification.
  • - Pulsatilla nigricans: Reduces toothache and associated nervous symptoms.


Dosage and Other Information:

- Dosage: 2-3 tablets 3-4 times a day for teething troubles. In acute cases, 3 tablets hourly, reduced as symptoms improve.

- Side Effects: None known.

- Contra-indications: None known.

- Interactions: None known.

- Manufacturer: Dr.Willmar Schwabe India Pvt.Ltd.

- Form: Tablets.

Chamodent is a comprehensive homeopathic remedy tailored for the teething phase in infants, offering relief from a range of symptoms associated with this natural developmental process. By addressing multiple aspects of teething discomfort, Chamodent aims to make this transition smoother for both babies and parents. Its formulation, based on traditional homeopathic principles, is gentle yet effective, making it a preferred choice for many seeking natural teething solutions.childre

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