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SBL Utrofyne Syrup: Natural Relief for Menstrual Discomfort 15% Off

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Embrace Balance and Comfort During Your Cycle with SBL Utrofyne Syrup - Your Natural Ally Against Menstrual Discomfort. Say Goodbye to Pain, Irregularity, and Fatigue. Experience the Homeopathic Difference Today!

About SBL Utrofyne: Your Homeopathic Uterine Tonic

SBL Utrofyne is a homeopathic syrup designed as a uterine tonic, offering relief from various menstrual issues. Its key indications include irregular bleeding (metrorrhagia), profuse menstruation (menorrhagia), painful menstruation, and accompanying symptoms such as back pain and weakness.

Recommended Additions

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Active Ingredients: Comprehensive Relief from Menstrual Issues

SBL Utrofyne's formula comprises:

  • Janosia asoka Q 0.05 ml: Addresses female complaints like headache during menses and irregular menses with appetite loss.
  • Cinchona officinalis Q 0.05 ml: Eases profuse menses with pain, bloody white discharge, and pelvic heaviness.
  • Abroma augusta Q 0.05 ml: Alleviates colicky pains and irregular menses, characterized by dark, clotted blood.
  • Viburnum Opulus Q 0.002 ml: Reduces bearing-down pains, with a sensation of heaviness in the ovarian region.
  • Caulophyllum Thalictroides Q 0.001 ml: Treats spasmodic and severe pains, false pains, and profuse menses with white discharge.
  • Pulsatilla nigricans Q 0.001 ml: For delayed, scanty, dark menses with back pain and a tired feeling.
  • Magnesium phosphoricum 3x 0.25 mg: Addresses menstrual colic and ovarian neuralgia.
  • Calcarea phosphorica 3x 0.25 mg: Regulates early, excessive menses and associated backache.

Additional Components: Flavoured syrup base Q.S., Alcohol content 2% v/v.


The recommended dosage of SBL Utrofyne Syrup is one teaspoonful, three times a day, taken with fresh water.

Side Effects

SBL Utrofyne is generally well-tolerated, with no adverse indications reported. However, it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


Available in two sizes:

  • 115ml  
  • 500ml  

SBL Utrofyne Syrup reviews in Hindi: Dr Jyoti recommends एसबीएल युट्रोफैन सिरप होम्योपैथिक दवा का इस्तेमाल हिंदी में:  अनियमित मासिक धर्म के लिए होम्योपैथिक उपचार, अनियमित मासिक चक्र के लिए सबसे अच्छी दवा.

 Dr Rukmani recommends, refer You Tube "Dr.Rukmani Live Consult 100 -Utrofyne tonic?युट्रोफ़िन ?Female best Tonic-For All Female Issues"

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