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Bhargava Tumorin Drops for all benign Tumors 20% Off

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🌿 Discover the tumor absorbing power of Bhargava Tumorin Drops! 🌿

Facing issues with glandular enlargements or painful goiters? Introducing Bhargava Tumorin Drops - Nature's potent Tumor Absorber!

Key Benefits:

- 🌱 Controls enlargement of thyroid, axillary, inguinal, and mammary glands.

- 🌱 Effective in reducing tonsil and lymph node swellings.

- 🌱 Aids in alleviating stony hard painful goiters.

 💡 Crafted with precision and backed by the trusted science of homeopathy, it's 100% safe and natural.

Embrace the holistic way to wellness. Choose Bhargava Tumorin Drops for a balanced and healthier you! 🍃💧

Homeopathy Bhargava Tumorin Drops -Medical Bulletin

It is a Tumor Absorber. It controls the enlargement of the thyroid, axillary, inguinal & mammary glands, tonsils, & lymph nodes. It helps to remove stony hard painful goiter. It is 100% safe & natural.

Tumorin drop homeopathic medicine is helpful in the following ways;

  •  It provides relief from mastitis in breastfeeding mothers
  •  It removes the tumor & tonsillitis in the body
  •  Helps remove stony-hard goiter
  •  It prevents the growth of thyroid, auxiliary, mammary, and lymph nodes.
  •  It removes goiter in the body

Doctor Bhargava Tumorin Drop is a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. It helps to remove stony hard painful goiter, Mastitis in breastfeeding mothers with cracking and small ulcers about nipples. Start taking Homeopathic medicine today and get the best treatment.

Bhargava Tumorin Drops Indications:

Enlargement of thyroid, inguinal and mammary glands Hard painful goiter (Thyroid nodules that manifest as a lump in the base of neck) Mastitis in breast feeding mothers with cracks around nipples Follicular inflammation of pharynx Tumor and growth of skin with exfoliation of skin in large scales.

     Bhargava Tumorin Drops Composition:

    • Conium maculatum 4X 2.0 ml.
    • Arsenicum iodatum 30 1.0 ml.
    • Carbo animalis 6 1.0 ml.
    • Clematis erecta 3X 2.0 ml.
    • Galium aparine 30 1.0 ml.
    • Hydrastis canadensis 2X 2.0 ml.
    • Phytolacca decandra 3X 1.0 ml. Alcohol 60% v/v

      Mode of Action of homeopathic ingredients in Tumorin:

      1. Arsenicum iodatum 6x: Suited to scrofulous diatheses where the thyroid, axillary, tonsils and mammary glands are swoolen, hard, indurated, painful, sensitive and sore to the touch and may be exuding discharge with exfoliation of skin in large scales.
      2. Carbo animalis 3x: indicated when buboes, axillary and inguinal glands, thyroid gland are indurated and is as hard as a stone that even the surrounding tissues become hardened.
      3. Clematis erecta 3x: indicated when breast, inguinal glands, spermatic cord are hot, painful, swoolen ; withscirrhous, rheumatism of the joints or swollen ulcers.
      4. Conium maculatum 4x: Acts on glandular systen absorbing stony hard glandular tumors and other growths that can be outlined and felt. Suited to scrofulous affected like adenoma, swollen mammary glands and goiter: with marked tendency to induration, extending to cellular tissue, esp. after burns, blow or fall or bad effects or sexual excess.
      5. Galium aparine 6x: Indicated in nodurationtumours, hardened glands, scirrhous formation, esp. of tongue.
      6. Hydrastis canadensis 2x: indicated in cachetic dyscrasia esp. of the breast: goitre at puberty and pregnancy: follicular inflammation of pharynx: general ulcers in the throat.
      7. Phytolacca decandra 3x: It has a powerful eefect on fibrous tissues, muscles and scar tissue: indicated in swollen tonsils, mumps, follicular inflammation of pharynx, chest and breast, lymph node swelling or soreness, mastitis in breastfeeding mothers with cracks and small ulcers about nipples, sties stonu hard painful goiter.

      Dosage Adult & Children above 12 years: 30 drops 2 times a day.

      Children from 6 to 12 years: 15 drops 2 times a day.

      Drops should be diluted in some amount of water.

      Presentation: 30 ml

      Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
      Form Drops

      Dosage:10 to 15 drops in half a cup of warm water three times daily for adults and half the dosage is recommended for children.

      Other Guidelines

      • Store in a cool and dry place
      • Use as recommended
      • Reduce or stop the drug usage after your symptoms have improved
      • Keep the medicine out of reach of children
      • If you have an allergic reaction to this homeopathic medicine, stop its use immediately
      • Speak with your doctor if you have a terminal ailment, before taking this medicine
      • Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using this drug

      Note that Tumorin Drop is 100% natural and does not have any side effects

      संकेत: पायराइड, पार्शनिक, वंक्षणीय व स्तन ग्रंथियों, स्पर्मेटिक कोर्ड, टॉन्सिल व लिम्फ नोड्स में वृद्धि। गलसुआ, असनी की कृषिक सूजन, टयूमर व बड़ी मात्रा में त्वचा के छूटने के साथ त्वचा मे वृद्धि दृष्टि या नेत्र संबंधि अन्य सूजन सूजी हुई, कठोर, दर्दनाक और छूने पर संवेदनशील थियाँ

      खुराक व्यस्क- आधा कप गर्म पानी मे १०-१५ बूदे दिन मे तीन बार बच्चे- वयस्क खुराक की आयी या चिकित्सक के दिशानिर्देश के अनुसार लेना चाहिए।

      पैकिंग-३० मिली।

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