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Comprehensive Homeopathy Kit for Eye Floaters - Clear Vision Solutions

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Clear Vision with Our Homeopathy Eye Floaters Kit

Struggle with eye floaters? Our Homeopathy Eye Floaters Medicines Kit, crafted to address the root causes of floaters, enhances aqueous secretion and boosts intraocular circulation. Experience the clarity with Lachesis for vision dimness, Physostigma for myopia-related floaters, Acid Phos for fatigue relief, and Cineraria Maritima for effective lymphatic drainage.

Eye Floaters: Understanding and Treatment

Vitreous eye floaters, often benign, pose a common challenge. They mainly arise from vitreous changes in aging eyes, casting shadows on the retina. Other causes include vitreous hemorrhage, posterior uveitis, and retinal tears, with risk factors like diabetes, eye injuries, nearsightedness, and migraines. Homeopathy offers a promising treatment avenue, encouraging a specialist consultation for an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan.

American Journal of Ophthalmology states that unlike optical illusions and visual hallucinations, floaters are entoptic phenomena casting a physical shadow upon the retina and their coloring likely arise from retinal dysfunction. Coloured floaters may be a more common visual phenomenon than realized.

Why Our Kit?

  • Holistic Solution: Targets floaters at their source, ensuring natural healing and improved vision.
  • Safe & Natural: Utilizes homeopathy's gentle effectiveness, avoiding conventional treatment side effects.
  • Expertly Chosen: Contains remedies selected by homeopaths for their specific benefits, offering the best care for your eye floaters.

Key Benefits:

  • Dimness & Flickering Relief: Lachesis enhances vision clarity by addressing floaters-related dimness and flickering.
  • Myopia Floaters: Physostigma targets floaters in myopia cases, promoting clearer vision.
  • Relief from Overwork: Acid Phos combats floaters caused by fatigue, improving comfort.
  • Boosted Circulation: Increases intraocular tissue circulation, aiding floaters management and eye health.
  • Healthy Lymphatic Function: Cineraria Maritima drops support lymphatic health, preventing floaters.

Embrace Homeopathy:

Leverage homeopathy's rich tradition in managing health issues, including eye floaters, with our comprehensive kit.

Reclaim Your Vision:

Don't let floaters dim your life. Discover the difference with our Homeopathy Eye Floaters Medicines Kit and enjoy crystal-clear sight.

Dr. Kirti's Homeopathy Remedies for Dissolving Eye Floaters

Dr. Kirti Vikram shares insights on managing eye floaters with homeopathy in his YouTube video "Eye Floaters! Homeopathic medicine for Eye Floaters?? Explain!!" He outlines a targeted regimen for individuals experiencing eye floaters, emphasizing a treatment duration of at least 2 months or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  1. Lachesis 200, Use 2 drops in the morning to address dim vision or flickering caused by floaters.
  2. Ruta 30, Administer 2 drops twice daily. Ideal for eyestrain, pain during reading, red and painful eyes, blurred vision, burning sensations, and headache from eye strain.
  3. Physostigma Ven30 2 drops twice a day. Specific details on the benefits of Physostigma for eye floaters are highlighted in the video.
  4. Senega Mother Tincture, 20 drops with water, three times a day. Especially useful for post-cataract surgery patients noticing an increase in floaters, addressing flickering, and double vision.
  5. Cineraria Maritima eye drops Alcohol free, 2 drops three times a day. Recommended for cataract-related issues and corneal opacities that worsen floaters.

He says these medicines need to be taken for atleast 2 months or as advised by your doctor. 'yeh medicine aap ko kam se kam 2 months tak lena hai'

Dr. Rashmi's Eye Floaters Homeopathy Combination

Dr. Rashmi delves into homeopathic treatments for eye floaters in her video "क्या आपको भी दिखते हैं आँखों के सामने घूमते हुए काले धब्बे | Eye Floaters best homeopathic Treatment," offering a comprehensive combination for dissipation.

She recommends

  • CIneraria 30: Known as a potent eye tonic, beneficial for various eye issues including floaters. 
  • Physostigma 30 (calabar bean): Targets deep-rooted eye disorders. Effective for astigmatism, photophobia, myopia, and seeing eye flashes with floaters. Noted especially useful for myopia-related floaters.
  • Arnica 30 (Leopard’s-Bane or Fallkraut): Recommended for eye floaters following eye injuries, addressing symptoms like flickering vision, diplopia, eye heaviness, and associated headaches.
  • Euphrasia 30: Ideal for eye conditions with watering and burning sensations. Specifically indicated for floaters following cold or coryza.
  • Acid Phos 200:  for eye floaters from overwork & fatigue. Our eyes get tired when we look at a computer screen or watch TV for long hours (digital eye strain). Also from body weakness due to  loss of body fluids. Infections and inflammation (uveitis) can both cause floaters

    Dosage: 2 drops two times  a day directly on the tongue.

Related/Similar to eye floaters treatment 

Dry Eyes & Eye Floaters:
Dry eye syndrome can highlight age-related vitreous changes, making eye floaters more noticeable. To manage dry eyes and potentially reduce the prominence of floaters, consider exploring Dry Eyes Homeopathy Treatment Combinations.

Vision Impairment from Floaters:
In severe cases, eye floaters may lead to vision impairment, marked by flashes of light or shadow streaks across one's vision. For comprehensive care and vision improvement, browse through the recommended Eye Vision Improvement Homeopathy Medicines.

Cataracts Correlation with Floaters:
Ophthalmologists note a correlation between cataracts and eye floaters, suggesting intertwined treatment approaches might benefit patients with both conditions. For those seeking a homeopathic approach to cataracts, the ClearC for Cataract Homeopathy Kit, featuring Thiosinaminum and Calcarea Fluor, offers a targeted remedy.

Homeopathy provides a gentle, holistic treatment avenue for a range of eye conditions, from dry eyes and floaters to vision improvement and cataract care. Always consult with a healthcare provider to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs and conditions

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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