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Become a Homeomart Affiliate, Earn handsome commission on referrals

Become a Homeomart Affiliate, Earn handsome commission on referrals

What is the Homeomart Affiliate program?

This is marketing referral program where you drive traffic site to homeomart.com site for customers interested in buying homeopathy from India and around the world. When you register with us, you get a unique referrer link that you can use to refer customers online. When customers clicks and buys anything from us, we will know how much to pay you. Similarly you can also find out how many customers you referred, and how much conversions you got and the eligible commissions on sale through the dashboard

Who can join the Affiliate program?

The affiliate program is open to all. As of now our biggest influencers/referrers are well known homeopathic doctors like Dr.Pranjali (Youtube), Dr. P K Tiwari (You Tube), Dr.Nancy Malik (Twitter, Newsletter), Dr Rukmani (You Tube), Dr Suman Bharati (You Tube) and many others (more than 100 doctors). However there are a large number of homeopathy aficionados and commercial partners who are our current affiliates and referrers on various channels. If you are interested in health related topics or follow alternative remedies and want to make some money on the sidelines, your are welcome to join us.

What are the best ways to drive traffic from your referral links and earn more money?

Internet is booming and people around the world are looking for genuine, honest ideas that can help them find good alternative therapies that are safe and cost effective. Homeopathic remedies offer one such avenue and you can be our ambassadors to such people out there through this program. You can be influencers in your own right on various social media channels, and we reward your efforts with commission on product sales that vary between 5-10%. Here are some ways you can send customers to our site

  • Post unique content on your blog or YouTube channel that provides useful information to visitors. It could be in your own regional language and unique style.Talk about how homeopathy helped you or your near and dear ones, quote credible references  to put your points across
  • Or if you are a subject matter expert, make out a simple yet effective presentation in a commoners language (using non technical vocabulary).
  • Participate by leaving  your comments, feedback, suggestions, opinions (with referral links) in Q&A sites (Quora, Yahoo groups etc.),
  • Join similar interest groups on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn. Quote with hashtags on twitter
  • If you are a repeat buyer, you can enroll as an affiliate and enjoy more discounts on your cart values (a kind of rewards program)

How to make your referral program more effective?

It depends on how active you are online and how much content you leave on various topics. If you want to get started, reach out to us to help you set up your own blog or get lots of content materials and tools from us that you can publish. We will help you to create your own content in your own unique language and style.

If you are a content writer, we invite you to be our guest writer on various health topics with outbound referral links. If you are good in creating video content, send us your short format video (not more than 3 minutes) and we will publish on our channel with referral links.

Homeomart Affiliate- It's easy and free to join

Get up and running today. Just one approval to join - no third-party advertiser approvals.

Choose from thousands of quality homeopathy  products to advertise to your customers

Whether you are a large network, content site or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your web site.

Get flat 5% -10% in referral fees

Register here now!! 

After registration login into dashboard and Go to>Settings
pls complete your profile, 
You may customize your referral code
Set up payment details (how you would like to get paid). SETUP>Bank Transfer

Finding it difficult? We will help set it up for you! Write to us 

Referral Link

Refer your friends using the link created on your dashboard and earn commissions on purchases made by them. You may post specific product or collection links to your blog posts, YouTube channel etc.

Paste any product page link and instantly generate your shareable referral link. Share this link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When people visit the store using your link, you get commissions on everything they buy.

Get to know the fruits of your labor on the Payments tab, get summary as well as details of the successful transactions

Customize your URL referral code by name etc, eg.  If you are John Smith you can have your referral link as https://homeomart.com/?ref=John Smith 


Vasant Prabhu

I like to became an affiliate
pls reply
With Thanx
Mob :

Vasant Prabhu

What is your cookie time period? How much time my refferal link works after user clicks on it. Because most users didn’t buys immediately, first they do some research and after some time they buys the product. This time period may very from some hours to days. So I want to know what is the time period in which any user buys any product then I will receive the comission.

Vasant Prabhu

I have joined as a affiliate programmer for reducing hemeo medicine. Please help me

Vasant Prabhu

Contact me

Vasant Prabhu

Contact me

Vasant Prabhu

Send me more details want to become an affiliate for homeopathy medicine

Vasant Prabhu

I want to become your distributor in USA.
Pl provide Info about this.

Vasant Prabhu

Yes I want to take the help of your platform

Vasant Prabhu

I have a very good knowledge of homeopathic medicines.also I have biology 12th class.I am using different homeopathic medicines from a very long time also I have recommended as a M.R to one of the renowned hospitals of India.I have course on digital marketing from govt.of India.I want to be a digital affiliate marketer.I am reachable at +918218049645.

Vasant Prabhu

Looking forward for an affiliate program, kindly furnish with the detailed terms and conditions.
Dr.Kanchan Gupta

Vasant Prabhu

Yes I want to become an affiliate for Homeopathic as well as allopathic medicine .Iam a Networker and have thousands of contacts. I am well versed with the medical terminologies and pharmacology. I have no website but recently going to start a blog on Medical problems. So please guide me to be a affiliate. My WhatsApp number is 9040706590.

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