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Dr. Khaneja's Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Dr. Khaneja's Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Comprehensive Cancer Medication Guide with Homeopathic Indications

Dr. H.S. Khaneja, renowned for his widely acclaimed work 'Illustrated Guide to Homeopathic Treatment,' has pinpointed several key remedies in this context.

- Arsenicum Alb 1M: For testicular cancer. Administer two doses daily as needed.

- Arsenicum iod. 3x & Asterias rub. (tds): Treats breast cancer with ulceration.

- Asterias rub. 1x (tds): Effective for cancer in both breasts, particularly the left. Notable for hard, painful breasts in robust patients.

- Bellis per. (tds): Addresses stomach cancer with esophageal burning.

- Cadmium phos. & Cadmium sulph. (tds): For testicular and stomach cancer, respectively, the latter with persistent black fluid vomiting and bleeding.

- Cistus can. & Crotalus hor. (tds): Prostate gland cancer treatment.

- Calcarea sulph. (tds): Aids in treating fibroma of the uterus with offensive yellowish bleeding.

- Calendula off. Q (tds): Reduces local bleeding in cancers and aids in healing post-exudation.

- Carcinosinum 30-200 (hs): Useful in breast and uterine cancer, particularly effective for pain and hardness relief.

- Carduus mar. Q (tds): Alleviates pain and inflammation in liver cancer, and helps with related diarrhea.

- Chininum sulph. (tds): Treats cancerous ulcers following malaria.

- Cholesterinum 3x (tds): Effective for liver cancer.

- Cholinum Q (tds): Beneficial in bladder cancer treatment.

- Cistus can. (tds): For cancer of neck glands with a sensation of coldness.

- Cobaltum (tds): Used for lung cancer.

- Conium mac. 1M (hs): Treats cancer of the breasts and testicles, and abdominal tumors.

- Cundurango Q (tds): Relieves esophagus and stomach cancer pain.

- Crotalus hor. (tds): For stomach cancer with bloody, slimy mucus vomiting.

- Echinacea Q (tds): Reduces late-stage cancer pain.

- Galium aparine (tds): Treats cancerous ulcers and tongue tumors.

- Graphites (od): Aids in cancer of the pylorus and duodenum.

- Hekla lava 3x (tds): Effective for bone cancer.

- Hoang nan Q (tds): Treats glandular cancers and aids in healing.

- Hydrastis (tds): For breast and uterine cancer, especially pre-ulceration stages.

- Kalium ars. (tds): Treats skin cancer with subcutaneous nodules.

- Kalium cyan. (tds): Effective for tongue and rectum cancer.

- Kalium phos. (tds): Helps in post-surgical cancer healing.

- Kreosotum (tds): Addresses cancer of the vagina and prostate, with urinary issues.

- Malandrinum 1M (hs): Clears remaining cancerous deposits post-treatment.

- Morphinum (bd): Relieves cancer pain in sensitive patients.

- Ornithogalum Q (hs): Treats lower intestinal tract and abdominal cancers.

- Ova tosta 3x (tds): Relieves cancer pain, especially with backache.

- Phosphorus (tds): For bleeding fibroids and cancers, particularly in the stomach.

- Phytolacca dec. Q (tds): Treats breast tumors and sore spots in the right hypochondrium.

- Psoralea bit. (tds): Aids in uterine tumor pain relief.

- Radium brom. (tds): For skin cancer with itching and burning sensations.

- Ruta (tds): Effective for lower bowel and rectal carcinoma.

- Sanguinaria (tds): Treats rectal cancer.

- Scrophularia nodose Q (tds): Powerful for breast tumors.

- Strychnos Q (tds): Alleviates cancer odors and hemorrhage.

- Symphytum off. (tds): Treats bone and joint cancer.

- Taraxacum Q (tds): Effective for bladder cancer.

- Tarentula cub. (tds): Reduces cancer pain.

- Ustilago may. Q (tds): Treats cervical cancer with specific sensations.

- Viburnum prun. Q (tds): For tongue cancer.

Dosage code:

hs (stat): One dose only

od: One dose daily

bd: Twice a day

tds: Thrice a day

qid: Four times a day

sos: When needed

Q: Mother Tincture (It should always be diluted in water if taken orally)

x: Decimal scale

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Homeomart Indibuy

Short cut to selection.
Can be surely tried along with the constitutional selection of the Homeopathic medicine.

Homeomart Indibuy

I wonder, is there any medication for NET? That is Neuroendocrine tumour?
It’s situated in the small intestine and it has spread to the liver, my back and the frontal lymph nodes.
Much appreciation,

Homeomart Indibuy

My father throat cancer patient from last 1 year.which medicine is best for this .
Please recommend.

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Hello jee meri mami ko problem hai jee help

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